Lim Young-woong holds online fan meeting with eyewear brand

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Lim Young-woong will hold an online fan meeting with Kissing Heart.

On the 22nd, eyewear brand Kissing Heart said, “On May 12th, we will hold an online fan meeting for Lim Young-woong. Customers who purchase glasses and sunglasses online or offline from noon on the 6th will automatically apply for the online fan meeting for Lim Young-woong.”

Kissing Heart previously introduced a variety of products through collaboration with Lim Young-woong, and realized the hot customer support, including a surge in product sales. Thanks to this, it prepared a special event called Lim Young-woong online fan meeting for fans.

In addition, a random lottery among customers who purchase glasses and sunglasses during the application period will be presented with Lim Young-woong’s autograph and limited edition glasses engraved with ‘HERO’. 6 online and 6 offline winners will be drawn and sent out in May.

After being selected as a kissing heart model in November of last year, Lim Young-woong has proved an explosive topic by causing an out-of-stock crisis to a server paralysis. In particular, Lim Young-woong participated in eyeglass design even in a busy schedule and showed a desirable model movement, and Kissing Heart made positive interactions such as releasing a product of ‘Good luck’ by using the greeting ‘Be healthy and happy’ that Lim Young-woong frequently uses to fans Achieved.

Above all, the pictures taken by Lim Young-woong wearing a kissing heart product created the modifier ‘God Kyung-woong’ and continued explosive reactions, while fans’ enthusiastic response toward the online fan meeting event of Lim Young-woong continues.

On the other hand, Kissing Heart is getting a good response from the public as it approaches with a more trendy and sensational brand image with Lim Young-woong.

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