PIXY, have you seen this concept girl group?… Announcement of the birth of ‘Female VIXX’

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Rookie girl group PIXY announced the birth of a ‘super rookie’ with an intense concept before their official debut.

PIXY’s debut album Chapter01 ‘Fairy forest. It is a new girl group that is about to appear in the music industry with ‘With my wings’. Prior to the release of their debut album, they are in the process of counting down their debut by releasing images, worldviews, and concept videos in sequence, but the previously released contents are attracting attention with the intensity differentiated from the existing girl groups.

They drew attention in the industry with an overwhelmingly unique concept that surpassed the strong first image of recent new girl groups.

In particular, the unrivaled view of the world that PIXY, which means a fairy in a legend or fairy tale, is quite impressive. The fantasy element that constantly seduces each other and crosses between good and evil reminds me of a senior boy group, VIXX, loved by a concept similar to that which established girl groups could not easily try.

Since their debut in 2012, VIXX has received the title of ‘Concept Stone’ by digesting various concepts that existing idol groups such as vampires, Jekyll & Hyde, cursed dolls, time travelers, cyborgs, gods of Greek mythology, and perfumers did not try. The successor of VIXX seldom appeared, and they remained as unprecedented idols, but the appearance that PIXY will show through his debut song is such that the expression ‘Female version of VIXX’ is not wasteful just by a notice.

On the other hand, PIXY is a girl group composed of five members, Ella, Laura, Saetbyul, Dia, Sua, and Dajung. Are receiving. It will make its official debut on the 24th.


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