‘Playing Sister’ Kim Ra-kyung, a’genius girl’ who went to Seoul National University to love baseball

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Ra-kyung, who is writing all the “first” myths of Korean women’s baseball on the T-cast E channel “Playing Sister,” will take the mound.

In this week’s broadcast of “Playing Sister,” which has recorded its highest viewer rating of 1.4% (based on Nielsen Korea’s metropolitan area, F3049) last week and has become the No. 1 entertainment show in the same time slot, older sisters who have challenged baseball will play a left-handed role. For the first time, it was none other than baseball genius girl and player Kim Ra-kyung who appeared in front of her sisters who were even more excited by the joining of Kim On-ah.

Kim Ra-kyung is the first female baseball player in Korea’s Little Baseball, the youngest member of the Korean women’s national baseball team, and the pioneer icon who created the first female baseball player in the Seoul National University men’s baseball team. However, unlike her colorful profile, Kim Ra-kyung devastated the scene with her sister’s charm. She was thrilled by her sisters’ real life and was nervous, but she also recited her own and sisters’ profiles in a row, showing off her new brain that looked like a human knowledge encyclopedia.

Kim Ra-kyung will begin full-fledged baseball training by leading her older sisters. However, as she was less nervous, she made a series of mistakes from the warm-up ball-flying training, and fell devastatedly, monopolizing the cuteness of her sisters. Jung Yu-in even suffered from falling down, saying, “It’s cute,” which makes us look forward to the unpredictable charm of a genius baseball girl.

Kim Ra-kyung, who studied and trained at the same time because she wanted to play baseball, reveals the story that she had no choice but to enter Seoul National University. In addition, she said that she suddenly shed tears while doing a special eating 30 servings of beef with her sisters, adding to the curiosity about what stories will be revealed.

It is also rumored that she received cheers by leaving a bold video letter to her idol Ryu Hyun-jin thanks to Park Se-ri’s advice. This raises questions about what she truly conveyed to Ryu Hyun-jin, the king of the legendary control that she longs for.

Above all, Kim Ra-kyung, who aims to advance to the Japanese league, tells the truthful story of her life as a female baseball player. This is a point of observation that should not be missed as it will also shed deep light on the reality of female baseball players in South Korea.

On the other hand, “Playing Sister” airs every Tuesday at 8:50 p.m., and you can also see the vivid on-site news of the players through the official Instagram and YouTube E-channel.


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