Pledis “The rumor about Min-kyu’s school violence is fake news”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

The agency nailed the allegations of school violence against the group Seventeen’s Min-kyu as a “fake news.”

Min-kyu’s agency Pledis told Maeil Economic Star Today on the 22nd, “As a result of checking with him, the claim is groundless and obvious false,” adding, “We don’t understand who or what intention is making this claim.”

“The middle school album released by A, who claimed suspicion of school violence, is a different album from Min-kyu’s graduation year,” Pledis explained. “A netizen wrote that Min-kyu was casted in the third grade of middle school, and Min-kyu has been a trainee at Pledis since the second grade of middle school.”

Earlier, an online community posted an article titled “I expose Kim X-kyu, a member of SeXX, a male idol from Iljin,” which caused controversy. The writer A said about Min-kyu, “He has been one of the best soccer players since elementary school,” and added, “Kim Min-kyu was a person who watched every situation when I was verbally abused in scary children and threw a coke lid on my face and laughed.”

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