‘Times’ Lee Seo-jin x Lee Joo-young, the first cooperation beyond the 5-year gap

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

The butterfly effect of OCN’s “Times” Lee Seo-jin and Lee Joo-young’s first non-face-to-face cooperation shocked the small screen. This is because Kim Young-chul became a drunk driving hit-and-run perpetrator this time. The ratings rose to a maximum of 3.4 percent.

The two-time ratings of OCN’s Saturday-Sunday Original “Times” (written by Lee Sae-bom, Ahn Hye-jin, director Yoon Jong-ho, planned Studio Dragon, production story hunter, and a total of 12 episodes), which aired on the 21st, averaged 2.5%, up to 2.9%, and up to 3.4%. OCN’s target audience ratings for men and women reached an average of 2 percent, a maximum of 2.4 percent, a national average of 1.8 percent, and a maximum of 2.2 percent.
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It was Seo Jung-in (Lee Joo-young) who first realized that the past of 2015 and the present of 2020 were connected by phone. Memories of “Times” reporter Lee Jin-woo (Lee Seo-jin) who asked for an interview five years ago came to mind, and confirmed that his current phone number was his. Do Young-jae (Kim In-kwon), a former founding member of The Times and the current CEO of Daily Search, remembered the conversation he had just a few hours ago.

Crucially, everything became clear when Lee Jin-woo’s mouth said, “It is currently 2:20 p.m. on October 10, 2015.” After the news agency fire, it was connected by phone with Lee Jin-woo in the past, and although there was a five-year difference between the two, it was that Lee Jin-woo could “save his father” if he blocked the shooting at the campaign site two days later. Now all I have to do is persuade Lee Jin-woo about this unbelievable situation.

Lee Jin-woo finally began to listen to her when Seo Jung-in’s prediction that he would be attacked by Dr. Jung Gun-construction, who revealed the corruption, broke out in the afternoon. Seo Jung-in told the shocking fact that he was about to die in a car accident, and offered conditions before telling him the date and location of the accident. He wants his father to be killed during the campaign tomorrow, and he wants him to stop it. When Seo Jung-in’s earnest heart, which is passed over the phone, and the memory of Seo Ki-tae, who came to the funeral hall of his younger brother Lee Geun-woo (Ha Joon), comforted him, saying, “Aide Lee Geun-woo was like a son to me,” Lee Jin-woo eventually accepted the proposal.

It was the original plan of the two to catch Kim Jin-cheol (Yoo Jae-myung), the culprit of the shooting incident, before going to the Korea University campaign site. Seo Jung-in delivered his hourly movements based on an overview of the incident announced by the police. However, the police investigation information was not accurate at the time, and Kim Jin-cheol, who noticed Lee Jin-woo’s tailing, changed his original plan. Seo Jung-in confirmed that the news of 2020 was changing, but since the article only reported the incident, he could not even identify the new shooting site until the shooting actually took place. Based on his memory of the campaign that day, he deduced “a place close to the campaign platform, easy to shoot by the window, and where there were no people,” and delivered the newly updated information to Lee Jin-woo. Lee Jin-woo, who raided the site, even fought to prevent Kim Jin-cheol from shooting. In the process, he even suffered a gunshot wound, but his face was filled with a proud smile that saved Seo Ki-tae.

However, the situation in 2020 when Lee Jin-woo blocked Kim Jin-cheol’s crime and changed it was so different from what the two expected. Seo Gi-tae was still dead, and even countless reporters surrounded Seo Jung-in’s house and bombarded him with questions. The story is that Seo Ki-tae caused a hit-and-run accident while driving under the influence of alcohol five years ago and a person died. How can Lee Jin-woo and Seo Jung-in, who could not predict the butterfly effect that the change would bring if they changed the past, overcome the new incident they faced in this time warp? Times, which is more anticipated for the next episode due to unpredictable impact ending, is broadcast on OCN every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 p.m.



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