Yoon Jung-hee’s daughter applied for adult guardianship for mother to domestic court

Yoon Jung-hee and Paik Kun-woo. Photo|Star Today DB

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

It was belatedly reported that Baek Jin-hee (44), a daughter of actor Yoon Jung-hee (77), who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, applied to the Korean court for the appointment of an adult guardian for her mother.

According to the cultural and legal circles on the 22nd, Baek Jin-hee, daughter of Yoon Jung-hee and pianist Baek Gun-woo, filed a request for an adult guardian trial with Yoon Jung-hee as the case itself at the Seoul Family Court on October 28 last year.

With the intention of designating herself as a guardian in Korea on behalf of her mother Yoon Jung-hee, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, the guardian acts as a legal representative and has the authority to inherit her identity, property and inheritance to the extent designated by the court.

The time when Baek filed a guardian referee’s claim was when an appeal against Yoon Jung-hee’s younger siblings against Baek’s guardian judge case was under way in France. The Paris High Court ruled in favor of Baek on November 3 of the same year after conducting its final hearing on September 29 last year.

The case will be handled by the Seoul Family Court’s Lyrics 21 Independent. The court requested an appraisal to the National Mental Health Center to accurately check Yoon Jung-hee’s condition, and decides whether to designate a guardian after undergoing an appraisal process.

It is separate from the two judgments of the French court that did not acknowledge the claims of Yoon Jung-hee’s younger siblings, but the court can refer to the decision of the French court.

If Baek is appointed as a guardian in Korea, he will also manage two apartments and a number of deposits known as domestic property under Yoon Jung-hee’s name, along with protecting his mother’s identity.

Earlier, Yoon Jung-hee’s five younger brothers were at odds with their husbands Baek Gun-woo and daughters Baek Jin-hee over the designation of guardians, drawing social attention by posting on the Cheong Wa Dae national petition bulletin board that “Yoon Jung-hee was neglected by her husband and daughter in France.” In response, Baek Gun-woo said, “It is a false and groundless claim.”

Therefore, there is a possibility that the younger brothers will raise objections to the referee. There is a possibility that the younger brothers will participate in the guardian judgment case as stakeholders or participants to respond or appeal again even if Baek’s claim is accepted in the first trial.

Meanwhile, Baek Gun-woo denied allegations of neglect raised by his younger siblings, saying, “I’m sorry for making a fuss about family affairs,” and “Yoon Jung-hee is living a peaceful life,” returning home on the 11th for a domestic performance schedule.

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