YouTuber Yoo Jung-ho committed suicide

YouTuber Yoo Jung-ho. Photo|Youtube capture

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Famous YouTuber Yoo Jung-ho (28) tried to make an extreme choice, but fortunately, the swift response of the police and 119 reportedly did not affect his life.

Yoo Jung-ho posted on his Facebook page early Tuesday, “I loved you. Thank you, my friends. I really thought that I was your friend. I’ve been helping for 10 years and I haven’t taken care of it until the end. Sorry. But thank you for being my friend. I don’t have friends. Everyone asked for help when they were famous, but now that I’m out, I can’t get any help.”

“Thank you for liking me for 10 years. I don’t have energy anymore. Thank you for liking me who is not popular anymore. Bye. I don’t have energy anymore. Thank you and thank you for helping my neighbor for 10 years. Please give me a job without me. You have to pay for the powdered milk.
I loved you, my friends. Thank you for being my friend.”

Yoo Jung-ho wrote down his daughter’s name and said, “Daddy loved you so much. I’m sorry. Dad cannot be with you,” he said, and posted a video on his YouTube channel containing his will.

Recently, Yoo Jung-ho was hospitalized due to his poor health. Internet users who sensed abnormalities after seeing Yoo Jung-ho’s article quickly reported to the police and saved their lives.

“It has been confirmed that Yoo Jung-ho is safe,” YouTube’s Emmao Research Institute said. Daegu police found it in an apartment. Fortunately, he was taken to a hospital because his life was not affected.”

Yoo’s wife also posted on her husband’s social media account, “Thank you for your concern. Fortunately, I found it with the help of paramedics and police officers, and I’m in the emergency room, so I’m sorry I had to take a good look. Please refrain from further reporting. I’m also out of my mind, so I’ll tell you how it goes when my husband wakes up. I’m sorry.”

YouTuber Yoo Jung-ho, who has 1 million subscribers, became famous by making videos that help the weak, such as children who are subjected to school violence, elderly people and patients in difficult situations. Yoo Jung-ho temporarily suspended his broadcasting activities in November 2019, saying he had a tic disorder with a panic attack.

※ If you have difficulty in speaking, such as depression, or if you have family or acquaintances who suffer from such difficulties, you can consult with experts 24 hours at the suicide prevention hotline ☎ 1577-0199, Call of Hope ☎ 129, Call of Life ☎ 1588-9191, and Call of Youth ☎ 1388.

PhotoㅣYoo Jung-ho YouTube video capture

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