Ha Jae-sook lost 24 kg with Pilates

[Intern reporter Kim Yeji on Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Ha Jae-sook showed amazing leg-breaking skills.

On the 22nd, Ha Jae-sook posted a photo on her Instagram on the 22nd, saying, “Finishing is stretching. #Today’s hip strength exercise #I think my butt will burst #Because I’m busy this week, I have a lot of physical strength management #Fun Pilates.

The published photo shows Ha Jae-sook, who is doing Pilates. She sits on an exercise machine and performs a 180-degree leg rip stretch. Ha Jae-sook, who recently revealed that she has lost 24 kg, continues to exercise to improve her stamina and body shape.

When a netizen asked, “Can you see a slim figure?”, Ha Jae-sook answered with a good answer, saying, “Haha. I’m slim, but I’m still healthy. I’ll try more to be pretty ♥”

Netizens responded, “You’re so cool,” “Flexibility, cool”, “You’re both persistent and mindful.”

Meanwhile, Ha Jae-sook married non-celebrity Lee Jun-haeng in 2016.


Photo| Jaesook Ha SNS

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