Jeon Hye-bin on ‘Revolutionary Sisters’

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Jeon Hye-bin of “Revolutionary Sisters” unveiled the “third teaser” that revealed the character of the second daughter who has totally different character with her father, Lee Kwang-sik.

KBS2’s new weekend drama “Revolutionary Sisters” (written by Moon Young-nam, directed by Lee Jin-seo, produced by Green Snake Media, Fan Entertainment), which is set to premiere on March 13, is a “mystery thriller melodrama” that begins with the murder suspect. Moon Young-nam, the writer of “Family Play Master,” who recorded phenomenal ratings by captivating the small screen with “Three Brothers”, “Wang’s Family”, and “Liver or Die”, has returned to the weekend drama for the first time in about two years, creating a hot topic with director Lee Jin-seo.

On the 22nd, the 3rd teaser video of Jeon Hye-bin of “Revolutionary Sisters” showed the faces of his second daughter, Lee Kwang-sik, a civil servant.
The “third teaser video” features various situations experienced by Lee Kwang-sik (Jeon Hye-bin), the second daughter of Lee Cheol-soo (Yoon Joo-sang), and changes in emotions, giving an inseparable sense of immersion.

First of all, Lee Kwang-sik drew attention by maintaining a distance of 2m from his father Lee Chul-soo and strictly following the corona prevention rules. Kwang-sik, who faces Lee Chul-soo while wearing a mask, measures the gap between his arms and talks far away. Along with the phrase “second daughter Lee Kwang-sik, 34 years old (public official),” the words “smart and righteous” and “there is a bride-to-be five years younger” were marked with an asterisk and a circle and added explanation of the character Lee Kwang-sik.

Later, Lee Kwang-sik held a bouquet of flowers and looked embarrassingly at the bride-to-be’s husband, Na Pyeon-seung (Son Woo-hyun), who apologized, and even pulled at a woman’s head. Then, the scene of Na Pyeon-seung chasing Lee Kwang-sik, who leaves in a taxi with tears, with the wind of his underwear was unfolded, raising questions about the two people’s stories.

Above all, Lee Kwang-sik had a series of meetings with Han Ye-seul (Kim Kyung-nam) as if it were a coincidence and fate, signaling a special relationship. The two people sitting side by side at the police station slowly burst into laughter knowing that the manly name “Lee Kwang-sik” and the feminine name “Han Ye-seul” were each the names of the other. Subsequently, when Han Ye-seul rolled down the stairs, Lee Kwang-sik was surprised, saying, “It’s okay,” and Han Ye-seul made Lee Kwang-sik laugh by saying, “You’ll get hurt if you look at it.”

At the end, Han Ye-seul’s voice, “Is this called a relationship?” and Lee Kwang-sik and Han Ye-seul, who look at each other with meaningful and subtle eyes, amplified curiosity about the relationship between the two in the future.

The production team said, “In the 3rd teaser video, there were turbulent stories of the character Lee Kwang-sik, the second of the 3 sisters of ‘Revolutionary Sisters’ and please watch how the fate will change as Lee Kwang-sik meets Han Ye-seul.”

‘Revolutionary Sisters’ will be on air, following “Oh! Samkwang Villa!”, on March 13 at 7:55 p.m.

Photo|Capturing the ‘Revolutionary Sisters’ teaser

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