Kang Daniel “I had hard time when I was a trainee…I didn’t want to know that I didn’t have money”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Kang Daniel candidly told his story.

On the 20th, a video titled “The Moment Kang Daniel Wanted to Give Up | Today’s Photo Studio” was posted on the music channel Muply’s official YouTube channel.

On the same day, Kang Daniel began to look at his photographs. Kang Daniel, who was looking at his childhood photos, said, “You look well-off and well-off. I think I’m looking at someone else. Do you think he’ll know he’ll suffer like this later? “I think so,” he said. “I feel strange.”

Kang Daniel, who was looking at pictures of his sixth grade in elementary school and his second and third years in middle school, then said, “These three friends are not Daniel, but the agenda. I changed my name when I was in high school.”

A picture taken when I was in the first grade of high school next time was released. Kang Daniel said, “It was taken when I was a b-boy. “I filmed it at the Hall of Fame in Haeundae,” he said.

He revealed how he started B-boying. Kang Daniel said, “When I was in the first grade of middle school, my new physical education teacher said, ‘I will make a club.’ I woke up from my sleep and there were a lot of club names written on the blackboard. But only the B-boy club had seats left. It started with an unexpected situation because it was semi-forced. I was very interested in learning many b-boying moves.”

“I fell in love with B-boy and practiced a lot. On weekends, if the auditorium was not open, I practiced at the subway station, on the asphalt floor, and on the dirt floor. Just by touching it with my hand, it was stuck and bleeding. But I did it because I liked it. I worked hard,” he said, expressing his passion for B-boying.

Also, when he had a dream of becoming a singer, he said, “My mother’s dream was to be a singer, and this was the only thing I could do realistically. I wanted to take good care of myself.”

His trainee life wasn’t that smooth. Kang Daniel said, “The hardest part was not the trainee life I thought. It wasn’t hard. I thought I would be very busy, but I wasn’t too busy, and I came to do something, but I couldn’t do it, so it was very hard.”

“I have lived in Seoul since I was 20 years old, and I have lived in small flat. The monthly rent of the small flat was between 150,000 and 180,000 won at that time. I smelled too much alcohol and couldn’t sleep. When I tried to sleep at dawn, I could hear drunk men shouting and fighting,” he recalled.

The most upsetting thing was rice. Kang Daniel said, “Kimchi and rice were served, but kimchi was really bad.” “But I didn’t have money, so I used to eat rice and kimchi every day, and when I got some money, I bought seaweed worth 800 won.”

“I didn’t want to let you know that I didn’t have money and that I was buying a small flat. So the worst time was when I talked to my friends I met in Seoul, and they said, “He lives in a small flat,” which hurt my pride. There were many times when I wanted to give up everything and go to Busan. But I thought, ‘What should I do if I go?’ I lied to my parents that I practiced a lot.
There were many times when he said he would come to my house in Seoul, but he stopped me every day.”

At the end of the video, Kang Daniel, who looked back at the pictures from childhood to the present, said, “I have lived hard, and I have to live hard every moment. Life is too short to hate.”

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel released his new song “PARANOIA” on Wednesday.


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