Kim Sang-joong ‘Srasony Academy’ will be on air on March 4… Humanities Club House

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

“Srasony Academy” confirmed its first broadcast at 11 p.m. on March 4 (Thursday) and unveiled two official posters.

MBN’s newly introduced “Srasony Academy” is a cultural program that shares and disseminates the various humanities knowledge necessary for this era.

The idea is that “Srasony” with keen and clear vision was a symbol of an Italian intellectual group in the 1600s, and that each humanities celebrity gathered under the name of “Srasony Academy” will play a “pretending to know” battle on their own topic.

Meanwhile, “Srasony Academy,” which confirmed its first broadcast at 11 p.m. on March 4 (Thursday), has unveiled two official posters, raising expectations for the main broadcast. First of all, Kim Sang-joong, the head of the Academy and the main MC, is set in the medieval bookstore design, and Kim Sang-joong’s curious expression, “I Want to Know It,” catches the eye.

Next, in the group poster, the “Knowing Avengers” corps, led by “Center” Kim Sang-joong and led by “Young Blood” people in their 30s, was located in the right place. Ji Joo-yeon, a former Seoul National University actress and member of Mensa, and Kim So-young, a former announcer and wife of Oh Sang-jin, and Oh Sang-jin’s wife. Kim Gap-soo, known as “Gaps Hyung,” “21st Century Confucian Boy” Yoon Tae-yang, “Historical Woman” Lime, “Picture-reading Lawyer” Kim Jung-hyun, and “Literature Idol” Heo Hee express their characters and show off the dignity of “New Normal Intellectual.”

The production team said, “In line with director Kim Sang-joong’s experienced operation of the academy, the colorful story of “The Pretending Avengers,” which shares precious knowledge that is not heard anywhere, will satisfy the fun of watching as well as intellectual sensibility. In particular, just as “Clubhouse,” centered on the voices of celebrities, has recently attracted explosive attention, the humanities topic thrown by “Srasony Academy” is also expected to meet the needs of viewers interested in knowledge and trends.

With Kim Sang-joong, “Brainy Woman” actor Ji Joo-yeon, “Bookstore President” broadcaster Kim So-young, art major intellectual property lawyer Kim Jung-hyun, professor Yoon Tae-yang, literary critic Heo Hee, cultural critic Kim Gap-soo, and humanities and culture creator Lime will participate in the first broadcast on March 4th (Thursday).


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