‘Radio Star’ Song Chang-eui’s daughter, Hayul, appears in surprise “Dad, look like Olaf”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

In ‘Radio Star’, Song Chang-eui’s daughter Ha Yul appeared in surprise.

MBC entertainment program’Radio Star’ (planning Kang Young-seon, director Kang Seong-ah), which airs at 10:20 pm on the 24th, is a ‘creative’ with 4 super moms and dads who are 24 hours short of caring for children, Oh Eun-young, Song Chang-eui, Kim Ji-hye, and Lee Ji-hye. It is decorated with a special feature of ‘Wise of Parenting’.

Song Chang-eui, who has mainly played a warm and straightforward character in musicals and dramas, has recently revealed her daily life with a flirty and shaggy family through a program, bringing out the charm of a twist. Song Chang-eui, who is appearing in ‘Radio Star’ 3 years after 2018, is expected to show off his ‘Talk Black Hole’ magical power that only he cannot recognize.

Song Chang-eui reveals why he recently wrote a memorandum to his wife at home. It is a message that the memorandum written by Song Chang-eui was released at the site and captured the attention of MCs. What is the story behind Song Chang-eui even writing a memorandum raises questions.

Song Chang-eui, who is famous for her “daughter fool,” is proud of his daughter Ha-yul, who turned 5 this year. He said, “When Ha-yul goes to a restaurant, she says she will sign it, too.” Unlike the usual modest mother and father, she is going to reveal the charm of a daughter with extraordinary personal power to induce a smile.

Following Song Chang-eui’s pride in her daughter, her daughter Ha-yul appears in the studio of ‘Radio Star’ and fills the scene with cuteness. Ha-yul, who boasted a cute appearance that resembles Song Chang-eui, is said to make his father flinch by bombarding him with a harsh tone saying, My father looks like Olaf.” The youngest surprise guest makes you curious about the performance of Ha-yul.

On the other hand, Sam Hammington, a ‘parenting master’, will appear as a special MC for the ‘wisdom of creative parenting’. He, who sorted out as a guest last September and announced the news of losing 30kg, said, “I am maintaining my weight. I am trying to keep it going.”

Sam Hammington, the father of William and Bentley brothers, who are 6 years old and 5 years old respectively, tells a tip that children love to have a beard when it comes to touch with their parents.

In addition, Sam Hammington revealed that he was surprised by his resemblance to William when he recently discovered a picture of his past.

The surprise appearance of Song Chang-eui’s daughter Ha-yul’s ‘Radio Star’ studio can be confirmed through ‘Radio Star’, which airs at 10:20 pm on the 24th.


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