Son Dam-bi launches YouTube ‘Dambi Son’… First public dressing room

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer and actor Son Dam-bi will launch the YouTube channel “Dambi Son.”

“Son Dam-bi launched the YouTube channel ‘Dambi Son’ on the 22nd,” said Red Sun Studio, who was in charge of producing Son Dam-bi’s YouTube channel. “We ask for your interest and expectation for the new content that Son Dam-bi, who has consistently communicated with the public through various broadcasting activities.”

Son Dam-bi, who appeared in a modest costume of no-makeup, said in the first video uploaded upon the opening of the channel on the 22nd, “I wanted to show you a natural appearance,” attracting attention with her visual that shines without dressing up.

Son Dam-bi, who explained that she was worried about the contents that she could do at home these days when she had more time to stay at home due to the pandemic, said, “I’m going to start with an online housewarming.”

In the video, Son Dam-bi talked about her hardships as a butler who takes care of three cats, and also introduced her own ceramic wine glasses, revealing her high interest in interior design and props.

In particular, Son Dam-bi has recently appeared on MBC’s entertainment show “I Live Alone” and has been loved by viewers, and it is also the first time to reveal a dress room that has never been revealed on TV, drawing attention from fans.

At the end of the video, Son said, “I’m so nervous because it’s my first time on YouTube. I’m planning to show you a lot of different sides of me, and I hope you enjoy it while enjoying it together,” she said about his first YouTube launch.

Son Dam-bi, who announced her full-fledged activities as a YouTuber by launching her personal YouTube channel “Dambi Son,” plans to showcase various topics ranging from serious and passionate images to styling tips that she showed through “I Live Alone.” Expectations are mounting for the active performance of multi-tainer Son Dam-bi, who predicted communication with the public with a newer appearance.

Photo courtesy| Red Sun Studio
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