Song Kang “In ‘Love Alarm 2’, you will be able to see Sun-oh, who has become more mature and harder.” [Pictorial]

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Song Kang’s attractive perfume pictorial has been released.

With Song Kang’s March issue of Vogue Korea released, his free and enterprising appearance with Yves Saint Laurent Beauty “Y LE PARFUM (NEW WYR PERFUM)” is drawing attention.

In this pictorial, which began with the question “WHY NOT?” Song Kang caught the eye by showing off various aspects to his own beat. His free style of casual and weighty styling makes you feel the scent of Yves Saint Laurent beauty “Y LE PARFUM,” which starts with a fresh and deep scent and leaves a heavy aftertaste.

First of all, Song Kang, who is wearing a white T-shirt, can feel a refreshing sense of relaxation. On the other hand, his casual outfit and solid physical appearance captivated women’s hearts as soon as he saw it and showed off his languid sexiness. Subsequently, Song Kang, who seems to embody Yves Saint Laurent’s beauty “YLE PARFUM,” can feel an unapproachable weight. The deep eyes that seem to be sucked in and the luxurious atmosphere that only Song Kang can portray show the image of nostalgia that expresses the boldest and most confident male image.

In the following interview, Song Kang remembered the time when he controlled the mind with the thought of “Why not?” at the audition hall when he heard the campaign message. “These days, whenever I’m worried ahead of a difficult emotional scene, I recharge my confidence with the mind of ‘what can’t be done?’ and ‘I can do it.'”, he said.

As for Netflix’s original series “Love Alarm” Season 2 and tvN’s “Navillera,” which are set to be released in March, “In season 2, you can face Sun-oh, who is more mature and stronger than before through feelings of love. ‘Navillera’ is a unique drama that takes place after meeting a 23-year-old fan who started ballet late. “You’ll be able to discover the priestly chemistry and bromance,” he said, raising expectations for his next film.

Actor Song Kang, who will color the upcoming spring with pink excitement and blue light of youth, is drawing keen attention to what other charms he will attract viewers.

PhotoㅣVogue Korea

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