‘Three Sisters’ regrettable exit… Today (23rd) VOD service open [Official]

[Reporter Han Hyun-jung, Daily Economy Star Today]

The movie ‘Three Sisters’ (director Lee Seung-won, produced by a movie business) will start offering simultaneous VOD services for IPTV and digital theater from today (23rd).

‘Three Sisters’, which boast of the leading cast of Korean actors, including Moon Sori, Kim Sun-young and Jang Yoon-ju, was previously selected as the 21st Jeonju International Film Festival’s main program, Jeonju Cinema Project 2020, followed by the 25th Busan International Film Festival’s ‘Today of Korean Cinema- ‘Three Sisters’ was invited to ‘Panorama Section’, proving its outstanding work.

The simultaneous VOD service of the ‘Three Sisters’ theater, which opened today (23rd), amidst the regret that the theater’s performance as expected was not achieved, is good news not only for the audience who hesitated to go out and out to the theater, but also those who want to revisit It is expected to be.

‘Three Sisters’, which will continue to open up to the home theater with the start of simultaneous VOD service at the theater, from today, IPTV (KT olleh TV, SK B tv, LG U+TV), Home Choice, Google Play, TVING, Naver Series on, Kakao Page, KT You can meet them through various platforms such as skylife and Cinefox.

‘Three Sisters’ is a work about the story of the three sisters, who seem to have no problem at all on the outside, unraveling the knots of memories that could not be spoken. Moon So-ri, Kim Sun-young, and Jang Yoon-ju appeared, and Director Lee Seung-won of ‘Happy Birthday’ and ‘Communication and Lies’ grabbed the megaphone.


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