B.A.P. Himchan, first trial for indecent assault, October. He won’t be in court.

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

In the first trial of Himchan (real name Kim Him-chan, 31), a former member of the group B.A.P., who is suspected of indecent assault, was sentenced to October in prison and to complete a 40-hour sexual violence treatment program.

On the afternoon of the 24th, the Seoul District Court held a sentencing hearing for Himchan, who was indicted on charges of indecent assault at the hearing of the 14th Criminal Justice Choo Sung-yeop.

Regarding the alleged indecent assault by Himchan, the court said, “The defendant has been denying the charges. “However, the victim’s statement is credible, and other evidence supports the indictment and is judged guilty.”

“The defendant’s crime was not good and the victim did not forgive him. However, we considered that there was no criminal record,” he said, explaining the reason for the sentence, adding, “We do not arrest the victim in court to give him an opportunity to receive forgiveness.”

Himchan is accused of forcibly molesting a woman in her 20s at a pension in Joan-myeon, Namyangju, Gyeonggi Province, in July 2018. A claimed to the police that while three men and three women in their 20s, including Himchan and acquaintances, were playing together at the pension, Himchan forcibly molested them.

At the time of the police investigation, Himchan reportedly denied the charges, saying, “We liked each other.” Himchan’s side claimed, “There was a physical contact by implicit consent, and it is not a forced molestation,” but the prosecution indicted Himchan on charges of forced molestation in April 2019 and handed him over to trial. In subsequent trials, Himchan has always argued that it was physical contact without coercion.

In particular, Himchan was criticized by the public for his drunk driving accident in October last year when he was on trial for indecent assault.
At the time of the accident, Himchan’s blood alcohol concentration was reportedly at the level of license cancellation, and no casualties were reported.

Since then, Himchan has expressed his intention to stop all activities and self-reflect, saying, “I deeply reflect on the fact that I have deeply disappointed the public with inappropriate and shameful events.”

Meanwhile, Himchan, who debuted with B.A.P’s single album “WARRIOR” in 2012, was loved by his hits such as “POWER,” “NO MERCY” and “ONE SHOT.” However, following Bang Yong-guk and ZELO left the group in 2018, the remaining four members, including Himchan, were disbanded in February 2019 when their exclusive contract with TS Entertainment expired.


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