“Dear M” postpones first broadcast due to alleged school violence of Park Hye-soo

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[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

While actress Park Hye-soo is embroiled in allegations of school violence, “Dear M” will postpone the first broadcast.

The production team of KBS2’s Friday drama “Dear M” said on the 24th, “We decided to postpone the first broadcast scheduled for the 26th to closely review recent issues related to the cast of “Dear M” and improve the completeness of the program.”

The production team of “Dear M” also announced that it will announce the production presentation and the schedule of the first broadcast change later.

“Dear M” was originally set to premiere on the 26th, but the main character Park Hye-soo decided to postpone the first broadcast as she was embroiled in allegations of academic violence. The production presentation schedule, which was scheduled on the same day, will also be postponed.

Earlier on the 22nd, Park Hye-soo was embroiled in allegations of school violence when an online community posted that she had been sexually assaulted by an actress who was popular with her innocent image. In response, Park Hye-soo’s agency, Studio Santa Claus Entertainment, said, “We confirmed that the posts were false information only to maliciously undermine and slander actor Park Hye-soo by exploiting the social atmosphere regarding school violence.”

Since then, Internet users who claim to have written the disclosure for the first time have denied that the perpetrator is Park Hye-soo. However, another Internet user who claimed to have suffered school violence by Park Hye-soo has appeared, and the suspicion of school violence has not subsided easily.

In a related move, Park Hye-soo’s agency said, “We are securing considerable evidence to prove that the school violence-related reports and allegations are false.” In the process, we are also finding circumstantial evidence that people who claim to be victims may have doubts about whether it is a malicious organized joint act aimed at economic benefits.”

The agency added, “We will follow the principle of zero tolerance in relation to this case, so we will take broader and stronger measures, including reckless speculation and additional complaints on false posts.”

Meanwhile, “Dear M” depicts a drama that shows pink reasoning while looking for “M,” the main character of a confession that has turned Seoyeon University upside down.

<The statement of Dear M official>

This is the production crew of ‘Dear M’ on Friday.

Please understand that viewers have been waiting for “Dear M”.

We have decided to postpone the first broadcast scheduled for Friday, February 26th, in order to thoroughly review the recent issues related to ‘Dear M’ cast members and improve the completeness of the program.

The production presentation and the schedule for the first broadcast will be announced later.


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