‘Debut’ PIXY “Average practice period of 4 years, I prepared with this clenched teeth”

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

The rookie group PIXY revealed their feelings about making their debut after an average of four years of practice.

PIXY (Ella, Laura, Saetbyul, Dia, Sua, Dajung) debuted on the afternoon of the 24th, Chapter01 ‘Fairy forest. An online showcase was held to celebrate the release of ‘With my wings’.

PIXY is a team composed of members who have sharpened their skills for a long time with an average practice period of 4 years. On this day, Dia said, “There were a lot of moments when I wanted to give up during my four-year trainee period. I only imagined dancing hard on the stage, but I was happy to hear that the debut was confirmed, but I couldn’t feel it.” She said, “With a very good company. I prepared with a moment of joy as I prepared for my debut with good songs and good members.”

Saetbyul said, “When I was preparing for my debut, my self-esteem was low in appearance and ability. I thought I was lacking in myself. I think I was able to get over it and come to this position thanks to the members who gave me a lot of strength.”

Ella, who made her debut as a pixie while working as a girl group earlier, said, “I know how happy it is to sing while holding a microphone on the stage, so I missed the stage a lot. I wanted to get on the stage again, so I prepared hard with this clenching.”

The title song ‘WINGS’ is a hip-hop genre song that stands out with a magnificent trap beat and a profound lead synth, and contains Pixie’s determination to overcome numerous trials by relying on each other. Starting with a narration that seems to memorize an order at the beginning of the song, the attractive voices, powerful vocal skills, and wrapping of the six members who intend to capture the MZ generation stand out.

Pixie’s debut album Chapter01 ‘Fairy forest. With my wings’ will be released on 24th and started working in earnest.


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