Kim Dong-hyun “I never thought that exercise was difficult” [MBN Y Forum 2021]

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Martial arts player and broadcaster Kim Dong-hyun recalled the “exercise” that was fun even though it was hard.

‘MBNY Forum 2021’ was broadcast live on YouTube on the 24th. Kim Dong-hyun, a speaker at the “Hero Show” session in the afternoon, said, “All athletes go to the Olympics and go through difficulties in winning medals or becoming professional athletes. I also gave up everything before going on the big stage. I had no talent and couldn’t do anything else. This is the only thing I like to do, so I lived in the gym for a few years. It was fun even though it was hard.”

Kim Dong-hyun said, “I always enjoyed working out, but other things were too hard. I ran away from the PC room part-time job because I was tired in 3 days. There was nothing I could do other than this (exercise), so I endured it. “Because other things were so hard, I never thought exercise was hard.”

The theme of the MBNY Forum, which marks its 11th anniversary this year, is “It’s YOU!”, which delivers dreams and hope messages that help the 2030 young generation solve their problems, inspire dreams, and encourage challenges.


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