[MBN Y Forum 2021] Lee Juck “You deserve respect for your tastes and opinions…trust the difference”

Singer Lee Juck opened the opening of the MBN Y Forum. Photo|MBN

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Lee Juck delivered a message of hope to the younger generation in their 20s and 30s, saying, “Trust in your difference.”

“MBNY Forum 2021” will open on the morning of the 24th and will be broadcast live on YouTube. The theme of the MBNY Forum, which marks its 11th anniversary this year, is “It’s YOU!”, which delivers dreams and hope messages that help the 2030 young generation solve their problems, inspire dreams, and encourage challenges.

Lee Juck, who was in charge of the opening speech, said, “We were asked to set the opening speech theme as ‘Trust You.’ I’m going to talk about it in more detail, ‘Trust in your difference.'”

“We are different from each other. Opinions on various fields, including appearance, personality, talent, taste, and others, are all different. However, in Korea, especially the older generation than I have lived a life in which differences have been castrated and judged by uniform values. I was used to living in a hurry to meet the standards that others recognize and recognize in every aspect of my life, from studying, career, employment, marriage, childbirth, education for children, property growth, and retirement.”

“Some days, a little crack began to form in such a breathtaking way of life.” When asked about marriage and childbirth to the current 2030 generation, Lee Juck suggest a very different opinion from the previous generation. “I can feel the world changing little by little. I wonder if it’s the same in other parts. “If you look at the phenomenon of all-in-one in stocks and real estate regardless of generation, it doesn’t seem like it,” he said.

“We’re all different,” he said, “As the environment and experience of living are different, they are surprisingly different. But is it really so? Do you like music, but do you only listen to the top songs on the music charts? I don’t know if you think it’s because you don’t have professional knowledge in music, so you’re listening to songs that the market has Don’t you go to the best-selling store and choose books at the bookstore? I don’t know when they’ll blame the time, asking when they’ll be able to find all the books in large bookstores. When you go to the clothing store, you ask the clerk, What’s the most popular item these days?” You can say that you are not confident in fashion sense, but you don’t want to hear that you are behind the trend. It all makes sense. What kind of life we live as a result. Everyone listens to similar songs, reads similar books, and walks down the street wearing similar clothes. Are we all really different?”

“I hesitate more when it comes to making decisions about my career and my way of life. Since I don’t know the world well, it seems safe to follow other people’s opinions. It’s the same as choosing clothes. If you talk without turning it around, you are not confident in your taste and opinion. That’s why I think I’ll be in the middle if I follow others. I want to be respected for my personality, but I hide it at the critical moment and press it. We lament the reality of Korea, which makes us feel uncomfortable with each other,” he said.

“That’s right,” said Lee. It is true that the remnants of agricultural and Confucian societies still remain, prioritizing collective values and suppressing individual freedom. But is that all? As the world is going through a time of upheaval that is hard to understand, is there any way we can change ourselves?”

“We are different from each other. You have to believe the difference. If we don’t harm someone, our other tastes and opinions should be respected. And most of all, as a result of the internalization of oppression that denies difference, we must change ourselves, who are jumping on the bandwagon because even a little bit different from others has become unstable. Our tastes and opinions should be further subdivided and precise, so that we can hear the sarcasm of ‘You’re really picky’ and ‘Do you have your own thoughts?'”

“We have to respect other people’s differences even if we don’t agree,” he said. If someone is oppressed and stoned for being different, whether he agrees or disagrees with his taste or opinion, he must unite and fight together to protect that “right of different.” That way, wouldn’t it be a world where different people choose to live with confidence in various ways of life, away from the stuffy society of old people, the society where we teach rudely in other people’s lives, and the society where we stand in a line until death? “Maybe this is the story that I have been constantly putting from the song “Left-handed” that I included in my debut album 26 years ago to the song “Dolpalmae” released recently.”

Finally, Lee said, “Let’s believe in my difference. Let’s stand tall. Let’s tell each other that it’s natural. I believe the world will change little by little.

“MBNY Forum 2021” runs from 8:40 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the order of the opening show, the Do Dream Show, a challenge story for young people, the W-Show, a question-solving session, and the Boksehim Sal Show-Hero Show session.

Singer Lee Juck will be the opening speech speaker of this year’s opening show. The Do Dream Show, under the theme of “Dream Doesn’t Stop,” will be attended by Lee Seul-ah, CEO and writer of Suyeong Publishing Company, Kim Tae-yong, CEO of EO Studio, and Lee Han-bin, CEO of Seoul Robotics, as speakers.

The Y-Show, which is based on “Respect Your Taste,” will be followed by lectures by Min Yong-joon, a pop culture columnist, Lim Tae-jin, creative director of Cheil Worldwide’s production headquarters, and the author Noh Ga-young, “YouTube Only” and “Contents Are All.”

The Boksehim Sal Show will be hosted by Hwang Kwang-hee, writer and broadcaster Kwak Jung-eun, CEO of Hertz Company, Jang Jae-yeol, CEO of the Youth Counseling Center, and Kim Ji-yong, director of Yonseiwell Mental Health Medicine.

The Hero Show tells the story of success to young people by trusting themselves and challenging themselves with heroes from various fields such as global public, economy, culture, art, and sports selected by the 2030 generation. Broadcasters Oh Sang-jin and Choi Eun-kyung will be MCs, Hyun Taek-hwan, Seoul National University professor, John Lee, CEO of Meritz Asset Management, Jung Shin-ah, CEO of Kakao Ventures, Kim Dong-hyun, and Son Yeon-jae, former national rhythmic gymnast and leaf studio representatives.

Finally, a special performance by the group Stray Kids will be held. Cha Yu-na will be the MC in the morning and Jung Ah-young, the MBN announcer in the afternoon, showing a neat progress.

“MBNY Forum 2021” continued to have covid-19 (new coronavirus infection) infections, which led to no spectators in accordance with the government’s second stage of social distancing quarantine guidelines. It was a zero-attention event, but quarantine was carried out thoroughly. Except for essential personnel, access was prohibited inside the venue, and quarantine such as quarantine gates were thoroughly carried out. While preparing for the event, quarantine was carried out twice in the venue. It was carried out in the COVID-19 situation and was not involved, but an ambulance was put on standby.


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