‘River Where the Moon Rises’ Kim So-Hyun X Ji-soo, knew each other… 10% breakthrough

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“River Where the Moon Rises” surpassed the double-digit viewer rating in the fourth episode of the broadcast.

KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday drama “River Where the Moon Rises” (written by Han Ji-hoon, directed by Yoon Sang-ho, and produced Victory Content) is captivating viewers with its story that is swirling every episode. According to Nielsen Korea, a ratings agency on the 24th, the fourth episode of “River Where the Moon Rises”, which aired on the 23rd, recorded a nationwide rating of 10% (2 parts), maintaining its position as the No. 1 Monday-Tuesday drama as well as the No. 1 spot. It also broke its own highest ratings, drawing attention to the move of the “River Where the Moon Rises”, which went viral as a “luxury historical drama.”

In the broadcast, Pyeong-gang (Kim So-hyun) visited Wolgwang (Cho Tae-gwan) of Ibulansa Temple and heard what happened to her mother Queen Yeon eight years ago. Pyeong-gang was shocked to hear that her father, King Pyeong-won (played by Kim Beop-rae), killed her mother because of suspicion and destroyed Soon-old father. Thinking that her existence had planted seeds of doubt on her father, he was even more struggling.

Pyeong-gang, who even aimed a sword at the King Pyeong-won as a sprayer, cannot return to her father, who thinks she is a ghost, as a princess or live by killing again.

At the same time, Ondal waited for his friend Yeom Ga-jin, or Pyeong-gang, despite being caught by Ha Mo-yong (Choi Yoo-hwa) and threatened to draw all his blood. Pyeong-gang did not forget such Ondal and went to Jangbaek Yak focus, and Ondal went to Gwishingol with Pyeonggang, who was frustrated that he had nowhere to go.

Gwishingol was the place where the elderly people who lost their place to live due to the tragedy eight years ago and the people who had to live in hiding for one reason or another were located. They warmly welcomed the peace that had no place to go. The empty house was transformed into a house where Pyeong-gang can rest comfortably with the warmth of Ondal and Ghostgol people.

The day when Pyeonggang River settled was the day when the most grand memorial service was held in the village. It was the father of Ondal and the memorial service of General Onhyeop (Kang Haneul) who sacrificed himself to protect the people of Sunnob. Upon learning this, Pyeong-gang tried to kill himself because he felt guilty to Ondal and the people who welcomed him warmly.

Meanwhile, ondal also heard the real identity of Pyeong-gang from Go Geon (Lee Ji-hoon), who came to Gwishingol to visit Pyeong-gang. He knew that Yeom Ga-jin, his friend who brought him to Gwishingol, was the daughter of King Pyeong-won, who drove his father and the people of Sunnobu into tragedy, and that she was a princess of Goguryeo. He blocked Pyeong-gang from throwing himself off the cliff. Then he said to Pyeong-gang, “Your life was protected by my father, the pure old men. If you want to die, get permission from them and die.”

Pyeong-gang, who came to her senses, was promised the safety of the ghost bone and sent back the old gun. In addition, he tried to tell the people of Gojigol that he was Princess Pyeong-gang of Goguryeo, but Ondal hid it, saying that he would just live his identity. At this time, Goh Geon, who went to the imperial palace, informed King Pyeong-won that Pyeong-gang was alive as evidence of a Cheongok necklace, signaling another storm.

Ondal, who lost his father due to Pyeong-gang’s father, and Pyeong-gang, who was obliged to live in hiding because of his father. The sad relationship between the two even touched the hearts of viewers. The fifth trailer, which was then released, amplified curiosity by showing Pyeong-gang and Ondal attracted to each other despite such an unfortunate fate.

The love between Pyeong-gang and Ondal began to be intertwined with the situation of Goguryeo in earnest. I’m looking forward to and looking forward to the passionate performance of Kim So-hyun and Ji-soo, who will portray it.

“River Where the Moon Rises” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 p.m.


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