Son Yeon-jae “Begin rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 5, endured for the Olympics” [MBN Y Forum 2021]

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Former rhythmic gymnastics national team member Son Yeon-jae talked about his dream of becoming an Olympic athlete.

While ‘MBNY Forum 2021’ was broadcast live on YouTube on the 24th, Son Yeon-jae joined the ‘hero show’.

“I started rhythmic gymnastics when I was five years old. I could barely stand there teaching 5-year-old kids. Because I started so early, I didn’t know the world other than rhythmic gymnastics.”

At the same time, Son Yeon-jae expressed his affection, saying, “I loved rhythmic gymnastics.” “I found out that there was an Olympics, and I endured it with the heart of being on the Olympic stage as a rhythmic gymnast.”
Gymnastics is a repetition of exercise without daily life. “I studied abroad in Russia, and it was hard at a young age, but I think I endured it with a desire to go to the Olympics,” she said, recalling her days as an active player who ran for her dream.

Son Yeon-jae, who retired from active duty, runs an academy and teaches rhythmic gymnastics.

Meanwhile, the 11th anniversary of the MBNY Forum is called ‘It’s YOU!’, which delivers a message of dreams and hope that helps the 2030 young generation solve their problems, inspire dreams, and encourage challenges.


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