Stray Kids Seungmin “When I was a trainee, I endured with one eagerness” [MBN Y Forum 2021]

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

The group Stray Kids looked back on their trainee days when they passed by as a dream.

‘MBNY Forum 2021’ was broadcast live on YouTube on the 24th. “When I think about the future, I feel hopeless,” said Seung-min of Stray Kids, who joined the “Hero Show” session. I could debut only if I was recognized by your superiors through the amount of practice. I think I still haven’t forgotten the most disturbing moments and I’m living my life hard.”

“I put everything on the line just because I wanted to do music,” he said. “People who are dreaming may have their own difficulties, but I think they will be able to overcome them all well.”

“I think it was more difficult because we all had to do it together,” said Lee Know of Stray Kids. “I’m fine now, but I think it was hard to live with others at that time because there were some things that didn’t suit me and because of my relationship with others.”

The theme of the MBNY Forum, which marks its 11th anniversary this year, is “It’s YOU!,” which delivered a message of dreams and hopes that helped solve the problems of the 2030 young generation, inspire dreams, and encourage challenges. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, it was broadcast live on YouTube.


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