‘Trot Fighter’ Kim Hong-pyo…Why suddenly disappeared in his prime time

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

‘Korea’s Brad Pitt’ actor Kim Hong-pyo appears in ‘Trot Fighter’.

In the 10th episode of MBN’s ‘Trot Fighter’, which airs today (24th), a super-class former star is raising interest by announcing a sortie.

‘Champon Records’ Kim Chang-yeol introduced him, saying, “A Hollywood actor is coming out,” and it made everyone’s hearts flutter. His identity was Kim Hong-pyo, an actor who was called ‘Korea’s Brad Pitt’.

Kim Hong-pyo is an actor who was loved by the public by playing the lead role in the popular drama ‘Im Kwok-jeong’ in 1996, which recorded the highest viewership rating of 34%. It is also known for his resemblance to Hollywood star Brad Pitt, and has also garnered a topic on the Internet.

However, in his prime, Kim Hong-pyo suddenly disappeared from the broadcast, raising viewers’ curiosity. Kim Hong-pyo said, “I had been in the hospital for a long time because of a traffic accident during the filming,” and said that he was regretful for telling the story of the time when work was cut off due to a long vacancy and the days when we had to make a living due to physical labor.

It is said that Kim Hong-pyo pulled out the excitement that had been hidden from the first trot stage in his life and drowned the scene of ‘Trot Fighter’ into a crucible of enthusiasm. Kim Hong-pyo said that she exudes enthusiasm by honing her special dance skills for this stage, and her attention is focused more.

The story of Kim Hong-pyo’s past difficult times and the excitement stage that made everyone dance can be found in MBN’s ‘Trot Fighter’, which airs at 11 pm on the 24th.



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