Twice’s ‘doll beauty’ completed from childhood

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Childhood photos of the members of the group TWICE have been released.

On the 24th, TWICE’s official Instagram posted an article and a photo titled “Babu TWICE.”

The released photo shows TWICE members’ childhood. Nayeon is smiling and putting her hands together, while Jeongyeon is touching her bangs. Momo is eating and Sana is making a V pose.

Jihyo is smiling broadly with her fists clenched, while Mina has a sour look on her face. Dahyun is showing off her soft cheeks and Chaeyoung is smiling brightly. Lastly, Tzuyu is showing off her princess figure.

In particular, all nine members showed off their clear features and drew attention by showing off their doll-like visuals.

Meanwhile, TWICE is going to the 30th High1 Seoul in 2021. Twice won the Grand Prize and the 35th Golden Disc Awards in 2021 for the album category.

PhotosㅣTWICE’s official Instagram

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