‘Yoo Quiz’ Potato Cookie → The creator of corn flavor per second, special feature of ‘The War of Taste’

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

On tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block,” people go on a trip with people who know the taste.

In the 95th episode of “Yoo Quiz on the Block (directed by Kim Min-seok),” which will air at 8:40 p.m. on the 24th, a special episode of “The War of Taste” will be held. Potato Research Institute, Ramen Soup Development Research Team, Toast Company CEO, and Chosang Corn Korea’s first imported porcelain will appear as a yuquiser. They are going to tell us the story of ‘taste’ that makes our palate pleasant.

First of all, Hwang Soon-won, who works at the potato research center of the No. 1 potato snack industry, will find “Yoo Quiz.” Having studied potatoes only for 18 years, he draws attention as a potato veteran. Potato varieties, potato recipes, as well as tips for making soggy potato snacks crispy, show everything they know about potatoes. Rumor has it that his frank and simple talk, which shows off his extraordinary love throughout the talk, saying, “Is there a rival with potato snacks in Korea?” and boasts his passion for potatoes, made the scene immersed.

There will also be talks with Kim Jae-hoon, a “culturist” in the agricultural industry who brought in exotic agricultural products that are not in Korea from overseas. After importing corn and purple carrots per second, they share principles and provide fun when introducing new varieties, business success stories, and opportunities for agriculture-related work. “There is nothing more honest than farming,” he said, and his efforts to create an environment where farmers and consumers coexist are expected to attract attention.

Yoon Jae-won of the ramen soup development research team, one of the soul foods of Koreans, has been developing ramen soup for 24 years. Having developed numerous ramen soups, including the cup version of spicy ramen, he introduces the new product launch process, the hit ramen developed by him, and the unpopular and lost ramen, drawing attention. In addition, it solves the questions surrounding ramen, such as why it tastes different depending on the size of the cup ramen and the secret contained in the bag ramen size. The ramen lover Yoo Jae-seok, known for his introduction of the soup master’s tip for making ramen deliciously, said he continued to have a conversation with passionate sympathy, raising curiosity.

Kim Ha-kyung, who conquered the toast industry with a sweet sauce, reveals her life on toast. In 1995, he started the toast business at a three-pyeong store and now stands as a representative of a franchise that operates more than 820 franchises. At sunset on a chilly autumn day, she tells the story of a female student who suddenly disappeared, tells the story of working 16 hours a day to keep her promise with customers, and honestly conveys her sense of duty and responsibility as a franchise representative. The pleasant chemistry between yourself, the big self, and the baby, who revealed the difference in affection for “Yoo Quiz,” is also foreseen, raising expectations.

Producer Kim Min-seok, who directed the show, said, “In the 95th episode, we will have a talk relay with those who are responsible for the “taste” that any Korean would like.” “The colorful life stories of themselves, who spare no effort and effort to create a special “taste,” will present a different pleasure.”

tvN’s “Yoo Quiz on the Block” airs every Wednesday at 8:40 p.m.



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