Yoo Seung-jun, the only person who won citizenship after receiving a notice of enlistment.

Seungjun Yoo. Photo | YouTube video capture

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Amid nearly 20 years of controversy over “Yoo Seung-joon’s avoidance of military service,” Military Manpower Administration Commissioner Mo Jong-hwa stressed that Yoo Seung-joon (US name Steve Yoo, 45) is the only one who has obtained US citizenship while receiving a notice of enlistment.

Asked by Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Byung-joo about Steve Yoo’s recent claim to military duty on YouTube, he said, “Steve Yoo is misleading to create public opinion in favor of him beyond the nature of military service.”

Steve Yoo operated in the head of the parent is saying “Three or four thousand people a year of change of nationality, dodger, the 95 % of people who do not receive an application after living abroad”. Acquire commercial, undergo a medical checkup in Korea, by notice of enlistment under a U.S. citizen at the only one, explained.

“It is different from the other 3,000 to 4,000 people,” said Mo.
“It’s not right for him to talk about equity because he’s the only one who avoided military service in a deceptive way.”

Director Mo also disclosed the document, saying, “There is an application for an overseas travel permit that Steve Yoo submitted when he left the country.” “I wrote ‘performance’ on the application form and promised the Military Manpower Administration that I would go there by a few days and what time, but I am a clear draft dodger because I got U.S. citizenship,” he said. “But I couldn’t punish him because I didn’t have Korean nationality.”

“Steve Yoo calls himself an exemption from military service, which mislead the people,” the commissioner said. “The exemption was a person who received a grade 5 after a physical examination by the Military Manpower Administration.”

South Korean Defense Minister Suh Wook also called Steve Yoo “a draft dodger who violated the Constitution.” “Steve Yoo is a draft dodger who has lost his nationality to avoid military service. “He violated the Constitution as a violation of the Military Service Act and a person who was obliged to serve in the military service.”

Meanwhile, after his debut in 1997, Steve Yoo quickly gained popularity with hit songs such as “Scissors,” “Enthusiasm” and “Nanana.” However, he was banned from entering the country in 2002 because he obtained U.S. citizenship and avoided military service. After a long lawsuit, the Supreme Court finally won the case in March last year regarding the issuance of a visa to enter the country. However, the Consulate General of Los Angeles refused to issue Steve Yoo’s visa again in July of that year, and he filed a lawsuit against the Consulate General of Los Angeles in October against the Seoul Administrative Court.

Since then, Kim Byung-joo has been explaining the controversy surrounding him through YouTube when he proposed five bills to prevent military service evasion through changing his nationality.


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