[Exclusive] ‘School violence Suspicion’ Hyunjin,’Music Core’ MC on the 27th was absent

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

Hyun-jin, a member of the boy group Stray Kids, who has been embroiled in allegations of school violence, will not appear on “Music Core” this week.

On the 25th, MBC said to Maeil Economic Star Today, “Hyun-jin will not attend ‘Music Core’, which will be broadcast on the 27th.” “YEJI from ITZY will appear as a special MC to fill the vacancy.”

Earlier on the 22nd, an online community posted an article titled “Stray Kids Hwang Hyun-jin’s School Violence Disclosure,” sparking controversy.
The writer introduced himself as a victim of school violence by Hyun-jin when he was in middle school and claimed, “Every time I appeared on TV after Hyun-jin’s debut, I felt like I could hear the unprovoked criticism and ridicule of that time again, and I realized that I couldn’t erase the memory.”

“I didn’t even think that Hyun-jin would become an idol, so I couldn’t gather any evidence, just school certification, my memories, and my friends’ testimonies. I hope the violence that was done because I was young will not be justified and I want a direct apology.

In response, JYP Entertainment said in a statement on the 23rd, “We are making utmost efforts to verify the facts about this issue,” adding, “We are listening to the opinions of the school and acquaintances who attended when the problem was raised, and we are considering directly listening to the publisher if the publisher allows.”

“However, we have confirmed that there are many parts of the content that are currently spreading indiscriminately that are different from the facts, and those who intentionally create and post malicious rumors were also confirmed. In response, we will conduct detailed investigations through various routes to find out the exact facts that are not distorted, and we will take legal action against the spread of false information.”


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