Ham Eun-jung confirmed to appear, cast ‘A Fool’s Dream’… “First time to play the role of mother”

[Reporter Shin Young-eun, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Ham Eun-jung returns to the theater after three years and meets viewers.

Ham Eun-jung has decided to cast KBS 1TV’s new daily drama “A Fool’s Dream” (playwright Yeo Myung-jae, director Kim Jung-kyu) to transform her image into a new character.

The drama “Dreams Come True” tells the story of two families of different cultures meeting by their parents’ twilight remarriage and becoming a family.

Ham Eun-jung plays the role of “Han Da-bal” who protects her daughter, with her mother Kang Moran (Park Joon-geum). She will add vitality to the play with her honest and brave character who enjoys sports and takes care of her family with his natural grit and healthy mental strength as a judo officer.

Ham Eun-jung says, “I’m a judo instructor and a mother. It’s been a long time since we’ve met our viewers with a new character ‘Da-bal’. I’m worried because it’s my first time playing the role of my mother, but I’ll work hard to show you new things.”

“In succession, it is a warm and lovely work with each character full of charm, not just ‘Han Da-bal’. It’s a family-like scene where I learn a lot while acting with seniors and juniors. I’m so thankful that I’m here at this place. “I’ll show you an interesting piece of work, so please look forward to it and show me a lot of interest.”

Meanwhile, Ham Eun-jung showed off her stable acting skills and various charms through various dramas such as ‘Toji’, ‘The King and I’, ‘Dream High’, ‘Grand Queen Dowager Insoo’ and ‘Sisters-in-Law’, as well as her stage and screen activities such as the play ‘Les Miserables’ and the movie ‘I Will Song’.

KBS 1TV’s new daily drama, ‘A Fool’s Dream’, is scheduled to air in March.


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