Netflix Director Kim Min-young “Growth with Korean film industry, collaboration is important”

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Director Kim Min-young expressed his idea of co-prosperity in theaters, with Netflix becoming a new channel for the film industry due to the COVID-19.

On the afternoon of the 25th, an online meeting was held with Kim Min-young, general manager of Netflix’s contents in Korea and Asia.

Earlier, as the COVID-19 continued, “Living,” “Time of Hunting,” “Call” and “Space Sweepers” gave up their theatrical releases and were released on Netflix.

In a related development, Kim Min-young, general manager, said, “I think there is a part that can contribute to the domestic film industry while suffering from COVID-19. It is important to grow and collaborate together. Global interest in Korean movies continues. Many people find Korean movies enjoyable. It can lead to favorable reviews from the production team and I think it will have our role.”

Kim Min-young, general manager, also said, “We talked about creative freedom, but we can talk about what we want to say without worrying about box office success. There are 200 million viewers around the world who have not been able to proceed with the existing official work, which has the advantage of allowing more diverse stories to come out in the world.”

“In Korea, various movies are produced and stories are released. We are looking for an interesting work. We’re omnivores. It is important to find various stories in developing viewers around the world through Korean films,” she added.

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