Pengsoo becomes a national elementary school English teacher from March

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee, Daily Economy Star Today]

EBS popular character ‘Pengsoo’ has become an English teacher for elementary school students nationwide.

From March this year, they will begin full-fledged activities as native English-speaking teachers of artificial intelligence (AI) at 6,000 elementary schools nationwide.

EBS announced on the 25th that “AI Pengtok,” a textbook-based AI English learning program, will be distributed to elementary schools nationwide starting this March.

As a result of running the ‘AI Pengtalk Pilot School’ twice last year from April to May and November to December, the outstanding learning effects and efficiency were recognized. ‘AI Pengtalk’, which focuses on self-study, increases the amount of English learning. It is effective, and has been shown to increase confidence in speaking English in particular.

Students who have experienced ‘AI Pengtalk’ firsthand said, “It’s nice to be able to learn more fun than English academy”, “It’s great to be able to talk in English while playing with Pengsoo”, “I hope people all over the world can recognize AI Pengtalk.” And is showing great response.

EBS ‘AI Pengtalk’ was created based on advanced speech recognition technology and natural language processing system. Focusing on the fact that children’s voice pitch and pronunciation are different from those of adults, 5,000 hours of English pronunciation data spoken by more than 20,000 elementary school students was loaded. As a result, children’s speech recognition rate reaches over 90%, enabling accurate and rich English conversational learning.

In particular, it was developed so that students can study regardless of time and place in accordance with the trend of non-face-to-face learning in the coronavirus.

EBS popular character ‘Pengsoo’ is put on the front to stimulate familiarity and interest in English. Children can communicate with Pengsoo in English at any time and develop their speaking skills by themselves.

It is also designed to be more enjoyable and autonomously learning rather than following the uniform curriculum as it is. When you finish studying for as many goals as you set, you can get reward items or open a new stage.

Contents that allow interactive communication between students and teachers can be used as a team play tool in school classes. It is also suitable for children who do not attend academy after school or homeschooling families.

Study results are converted into data in real time. Parents and teachers can check this right on the site, which is very helpful in grasping or giving feedback on the learning status of each student. Although learning autonomy is a top priority, it did not miss linking with the regular curriculum.

With the content structure according to each curriculum of five textbooks (Genius Education, Daekyo, YBM Kim/Choi, Dong-A Publishing), you can repeat the expression of words or sentences learned in class once again. Therefore, the level of satisfaction of teachers in the field is also great, as it is possible to dualize learning such as unit classes at school and thematic learning or quiz games for the unit at home.

‘AI Pengtalk’ is the world’s first case of introducing an AI foreign language system into public education, and the first case in which a national character becomes a public education teacher.

EBS President Kim Myung-joong said, “AI Pengtalk is a system that uses characters to increase children’s interest and confidence in English, in addition to its high level of technology.” “Innovating education beyond the environmental and personal differences of local, school, and students. It is expected that it will be an example of the application of inclusive edutech to public education that promotes education.


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