So-yeon of T-ara “Killing threat stalker, home invasion…Arrested at the scene.”

[Reporter Kim So-yeon of Daily Economy Star Today]

So-yeon (real name Park So-yeon) from the girl group T-ara was threatened with murder by a stalker, and a police investigation is underway.

On the 25th, the entertainment side, which shows So-yeon’s agency’s thoughts, told Maeil Business Daily Star Today, “Recently, a stalker broke into a residence. The stalker was arrested by the police at the scene and So-yeon made a statement as a reporter.”

The agency added, “Stalking started around the first half of last year. So-yeon is having a lot of trouble with stalking continuing, such as coming home.”

According to one media report, the stalker left her underwear at home and threatened to kill her, causing So-yeon to tremble. The Seoul Gangnam Police Department is investigating a stalker arrested at the scene for invading housing.

So-yeon suffered from a stalker in 2011 as well. At the time, So-yeon responded strongly to a stalker who posted sexual harassment on her SNS for over a year, saying, “Dear delusional patient, this is my first warning. I will report it afterward. You are absolutely not a fan.”

Earlier on the 24th, Ji-yeon, an actress from T-ara, reported to the police after being threatened with murder. Ji-yeon’s agency said that she had been threatened with murder several times, and said, “We are collecting all the evidence, and considering the safety of Ji-yeon as our top priority, we have made a formal request to the police for investigation.” The case was filed at the Seongdong Police Station in Seoul.

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