T-ara Ji-yeon and So-yeon were under threat of murder side by side

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

Ji-yeon (28, real name Park Ji-yeon) and So-yeon (34, real name Park So-yeon) from T-ara are suffering from stalker’s murder threats. In the case of So-yeon, the stalker was found to have even invaded the house, adding to the shock.

Ji-yeon and So-yeon have asked the police to investigate the stalker’s murder. This situation became known to the world when the delay was first reported.

According to her agency Partners Park on the 24th, Ji-yeon has been publicly threatened with murder several times through Twitter and Instagram by an unidentified person. “We are currently collecting all the evidence, and we have officially asked the police to investigate the delay, considering the safety of the delay as a top priority,” the agency said.

The agency said, “We are fully committed to psychological stability because we are concerned about the delay that will cause a serious shock,” adding, “Partners Park will take a stern look at the incident and respond strongly.”

Seongdong Police Station, in charge of the case, declined to comment, saying, “The case has just been received and the investigation is currently underway.”

It was also known that So-yeon was suffering the same damage as soon as the news that Ji-yeon was suffering from murder threats was made public. In particular, So-yeon reported to the police as the stalker made bold moves, including threatening to kill and visiting her home, and the person in charge was found to have been arrested as a current criminal.

An official from So-yeon’s agency said, “Stalking began around the first half of last year. So-yeon is having a hard time with continuous stalking, such as coming home.”

So-yeon suffered from stalkers in 2011. At that time, So-yeon told a stalker who posted sexual harassment on her SNS for more than a year, “Dear delusional patient, this is my first warning. I’ll report it afterwards. You’re never a fan.”


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