The controversy over Lee Young-ae “Husband is the representative of a defense industry…”

Actor Lee Young-ae. Photo|Star Today DB

[Reporter Se-yeon Park, Daily Economy Star Today]

The fact that actress Lee Young-ae (50) has paid 5 million won to political support to opposition lawmakers belonging to the National Assembly’s National Defense Committee has raised controversy over whether the sponsorship is inappropriate.

Lee Young-ae was listed on the list of donors exceeding 3 million won last year, which was released by the Central Election Commission on the 25th. According to this, Lee Young-ae sponsored 5 million won each to Democratic Party Rep. Kim Byeong-ju, people’s strength Han Ki-ho, and Shin Won-sik. This is the highest amount under the Political Funds Act, and all the members of the sponsored lawmakers currently belong to the National Defense Commission.

The problem with Lee Young-ae’s support is that her husband, Jeong Ho-young (70), is the owner of a mid-sized defense industry. It is known that Mr. Jeong has been involved in military abduction for a long time, so it may be viewed as a support from stakeholders.

In particular, it is pointed out that it is highly misleading because the Defense Acquisition Program Administration, which oversees the government’s weapons development and purchase decisions, is the competent audit organization.

However, the lawmakers who were sponsored by Lee Young-ae dismissed the case, saying that this case was not related to her husband, Jeong.

Meanwhile, in 2000, Jeong was arrested for donating 50 million won to former Democratic Party member Cheon Yong-taek, who was the chairman of the National Assembly’s defense committee, in exchange for the convenience of military payments.

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