BDC unveils the last concept photo of a new album ‘The textbook case of a good-looking guys’

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Brand New Music’s talented three-member boy group BDC (Kim Si-hoon, Hong Seong-jun, Yoon Jeong-hwan) released the last concept photo of the new album ‘THE INTERSECTION: DISCOVERY’.

Today (26th) at midnight, Brand New Music released the last concept photo of BDC 2ND EP’THE INTERSECTION: DISCOVERY’ through BDC’s official SNS channels, attracting the attention of fans.

First, the BDC members in the group photo caught the eye by perfectly digesting the stylish outfits that matched the dandy semi-suit and shorts.

In the personal photos showing the spirit of a young boy, Kim Si-hoon showed a calm mood with a black shirt and a pale mint suit, Hong Seong-jun wore a white shirt and a black baseball cap and showed a soft charisma with a deep gaze, and Yoon Jeong-hwan opened one eye. With a faint pose that slightly hides, it exudes a mystical charm and excitement of the fans.

BDC, which released all the concept photos of the new album ‘THE INTERSECTION: DISCOVERY’ today, will continue to release differentiated promotional contents prepared for this album such as track list, music video teaser, album preview, as well as lyric teaser photo and comeback spoiler video. It is planned to be released sequentially before, further raising the expectations of global fans.

On the other hand, BDC’s 2nd EP ‘THE INTERSECTION: DISCOVERY’ will be released at 6 pm on March 8th, and is currently pre-sale through various online music sites.

BDC. Photo l Brand New Music

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