Cho Young-gu”I lost 3.5 billion won due to stock investment, etc.”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Cho Young-gu revealed the story of his loss from stocks on the “Cultwo Show.”

Broadcaster Cho Young-gu appeared as a guest in the section of the SBS Power FM ‘2’o clock’s Escape Cultwo Show’ (hereinafter ‘Cultwo Show’), which aired on the 26th. Comedian Park Sung-kwang joined as a special DJ.

Kim Tae-kyun said on the day, “He’s almost a big shot on this side.
“It’s no big deal in the world of damage,” Cho Young-gu said. “I’ve wanted to be on ‘Cultwo Show’ since a long time ago, but now I’m on it,” Cho said.

When asked about his recent status, Cho Young-gu said, “I am originally the king of events in Korea. We have the most events. But I can’t do events these days, so I’m doing everything I can to cast him on the show. He didn’t invite me if I told him good things about my wife, so I looked at her and she said, “Do I have to do that?” “I gave him money and he told me to work hard,” he said.

“I searched online for Cho Young-gu’s loss. There are a lot of articles. Among them, stock losses are the most.

“We lost a lot of money on stocks and investments,” Cho Young-gu said. If I had managed my money properly, I would have a building. “It would have been enough to take over and produce ‘Cultwo Show’.”

When asked, “How much did you lose?” Cho Young-gu said, “The stock lent 1.65 billion won and the amount of money you didn’t receive is 800 million won, and the amount you didn’t receive from investment is about 1 billion won. “In total, it’s about 3.5 billion won.”

Cho Young-gu also said, “We have 600 million won in jeonse deposits from the sale of two houses.” “I used the money to do stocks,” he said. “My acquaintance told me to send 20 million won, but I made 10 million won in just 15 days.” I didn’t know I could make money so easily. So I asked for stock information for 2 million won. We’ve lost about 400 million won since then.”

“I saved this money when I turned on the electric pad because I didn’t eat, didn’t use it, and turned on the boiler, but I sold both apartments because I didn’t have money in my bank account and had a hard time living,” he said, shocking. When asked, he answered “Why can’t I cut my stock?” he said, “I thought I should find it because I lost money.”

“I don’t get along with my younger brother because of the stock. “Seven years ago, I sent my brother to a stock academy. I paid for a year’s worth of academy fees and asked them to pay back my grudge. “I won the first place among the academy students with 300-400% profit from how hard I studied,” he said. “My brother said he would set up a dream team, so I gave him 100 million won and told him to try for a month.” But 100 million won was halved in a month. It turned out that the academy made a mock investment of 100,000 won to 200,000 won. I made a mistake because the amount of money increased.”

Cho Young-gu also released an episode related to Kim Gu-ra. “Kim Gu-ra said, ‘I lost 10 million won because I trusted Cho Young-gu,'” he said. “It was 20-30 years ago, and Kim Gu-ra appeared as a guest on my program. I wanted to make money because you were diligent and okay. So I gave him the information, but it didn’t work out. In the end, Kim Gu-ra went out to “Knee Master” and talked about me. “It hurt me a lot,” he said.

When Kim Tae-kyun asked, “Do you study stocks?” Cho Young-gu answered honestly, “What do you study when your younger brother who made you study for a year can’t do it?”

Later, when Cho Young-gu told the story of his loss in stocks, DJ Park Sung-kwang said, “If it had been ruined this much, the marital relationship would not have been smooth.” Nevertheless, when Cho Young-gu said, “There are stocks that will soar,” Park Sung-kwang added laughter by saying, “Isn’t it a crash, not a crash?”

At the end of the show, Kim Tae-kyun asked for wise sayings related to money. Cho Young-gu said, “Don’t try to be called more with the money I have. “We are keeping our money and technology is what we are keeping,” he said.

When Park Sung-kwang said, “Isn’t it the opposite of him?” Cho Young-gu said, “I give wisdom as a person who has suffered a loss.”
“Studying well is also about financial technology,” he said. “Studying, don’t listen to others.” I’ve been sick and experienced that much. “Don’t be greedy,” he said.

Cho Young-gu made his debut as SBS’ first public recruitment specializing in public recruitment. In 2008, Shin Jae-eun, an 11-year-old younger shopping host, married with a son.

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