‘Gashiri’ Chan-hee “Snow while taking a date scene with Park Jeong-yeon was impressive to me”

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

Chan-hee, the lead actor of “Gashiri”, said he was excited while filming with Park Jeong-yeon.

The production presentation of KT’s season and SKY drama “Gashiri” was broadcast live on KT’s YouTube channel at 2 p.m. on the 26th. Producer Lim Jae-kyung, who was in charge of directing, as well as SF9 Kang Chan-hee, Park Jung-yeon and Lunasola Jian attended the production presentation.

When asked why he appeared in “Gashiri”, Chan-hee said, “It’s my first main character since I became an adult.” “The director loved it so much that I participated in it with gratitude. I also found the character attractive because it has various features.”

Chan-hee then had a crush on her in her previous work, but this time, when she heard that she was loved by two women, she said, “I was so happy to receive the love of Park Jeong-yeon and Ji-an at once.” When asked if she was excited while filming, she said honestly, “I filmed a scene where I was dating Park Jeong-yeon, and the atmosphere itself was sweet and affectionate, so I felt excited.”

Meanwhile, “Gashiri” is a time-slip fantasy historical drama music romance about fate, love and dreams that have surpassed 600 years of fate, love, and dreams of 27-year-old genius musician Park Yeon (Chan-hee) and 22-year-old busking girl Min Yoo-jung (Park Jung-yeon). “Gashiri It Go” will be pre-released through Seezn and released for the first time on the SKY channel on March 5.


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