GHOST9, intense visual ‘fatal beauty explosion’ that raises anticipation for comeback

[Reporter Lee Da-gyeom, Daily Economy Star Today]

The visuals of group GHOST9 became even more intense.

Ghost Nine (Hwang Dong-jun, Son Jun-hyung, Lee Shin, Choi Jun-sung, Lee Kang-sung, Prince, Lee Woo-jin, Lee Tae-seung, Lee Jin-woo) through the official SNS on the 26th at 0:00 on the third mini-album ‘NOW: Where we are, here’ second concept photo was released.

In the published photos, Ghost Nine exudes a variety of charms with a stylish appearance with an intense red background. First, Hwang Dong-jun added a sexy look with a red silk shirt, jeans, and a colorful belt. Son Jun-hyung caught the eye with an outfit that emphasized a unique pattern with a strong look, and Lee Shin, who stands out with a blond hairstyle, is a mysterious and free-spirited atmosphere. Revealed.

In addition, Choi Jun-sung brought on both masculine and boyish beauty through casual yet formal outfits. Lee Kang-sung also wore suspenders to emphasize the unique cute feeling, and the Prince exudes a deep charisma and reveals a dark aura.

Lee Woo-jin perfectly digested the pink jacket and showed superior visuals. Lee Tae-seung showed an inseparable presence with colorful clothes and accessories, and Lee Jin-woo expressed a chic yet dreamy charm with a black and white outfit.

In addition, Ghost Nine in the group photo created a mysterious atmosphere with a static attitude, raising curiosity about this album.

Ghost Nine will begin their first activities this year by releasing the first signal of the NOW series, ‘NOW: Where we are, here’, which will reveal their own worldview in earnest on March 11th at 6 pm. The title song is ‘SEOUL’, and it talks about ‘Seoul where we will meet’ from the gaze of Ghost Nine.

Meanwhile, ‘NOW: Where we are, here’ is currently being pre-sale through various record sites.

Ghost Nine. Photo l Floor Planning

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