‘Hello! Plate’ Gangnam Chef Edgar wins the final title “It was over the moment I ate”

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

In the cooking survival “Hello! Plate,” co-produced by SKY and Discovery Channel Korea, Gangnam Chef Edgar (Spain) won the final title and became the winner of 100 million won in prize money.

But the chefs, who remained until the final mission, showed deep friendship, saying, “I’m not here to compete.” Judge Kang Leo also said, “I didn’t want to waste anyone winning the first place,” stressing that “everyone is the winner.”

In “Hello! Plate,” which aired on the 25th, Chef Pururi was unfortunately eliminated from the semi-final among TOP4 Pururi (Taiwan), Emilio (Italy), Faufisit (Thai), and Edgar (Spain).

In the final mission, which requires three dishes to be presented, Emilio introduced “Hunyeon Salmon Cooking” using pre-salt salmon, and Edgar first introduced “Tapas’ Tradition and Evolution,” which interpreted traditional Spanish cuisine in his style. In addition, Faufisit released its first Thai appetizer, “Morning Market,” which brings back memories of going to the market as a child.

Regarding Edgar’s cooking, Judge Noh Hee-young said, “It is a real challenge to show something new every mission,” and Judge Kang Leo also did not write a minute or a second in vain. “The food was so delicious that I forgot what to say,” he said. One of Edgar’s colleagues, who was invited to the judging panel, affirmed that “the moment I ate it, it was over.”

However, the second and third dishes of TOP3 were also incomparably perfect, and the judges were deeply troubled at the final meeting.

The three judges unanimously decided, “Edgar was the best in the first dish, which is an appetizer,” but in the second dish, they ruled in favor of Paufisit. In the final dessert, Judge Noh Hee-young said, “Emilio finished well.”

The judges finally made the final decision, announcing the highly acclaimed Spanish chef Edgar as the winner of the first dish, who was delighted to hug his tearful wife. “Although Emilio was defeated, not all losses were negative,” Paufisit said, “I did my best. “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to promote Thai food,” he said.


PhotoㅣSKY, Discovery Channel Korea
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