Kim Seung-hye, exclusive contract with Bliss Entertainment

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Seung-hye signed an exclusive contract with Bliss Entertainment.

Kim Seung-hye, who debuted as a public comedian for the 9th SBS in 2007, passed the KBS 24th public comedian in 2014, and made her name known as a ‘signboard beauty comedian’ that crosses the broadcasting industry. Kim Seung-hye, who has been active in various fields such as ‘Gag Tonight’, ‘Finding a Laugh’, ‘Gag Concert’, ‘Entertainment Singer’, ‘Golden Compass’, and’ Live All Year’ Bronze prize at the tournament, Rookie of the Year award at the 2016 KBS Entertainment Awards, has been recognized for its potential in three public broadcasters.

Kim Seung-hye recently appeared on MBC’s ‘How do you play?’ and at the same time ranked #1 in search terms, showing the potential of an entertainment prospect in 2021. Thanks to popularity, Kim Seung-hye, who appeared as a guest in ‘How do you play?’

Kim Seung-hye said, “It is 2021 that will be very thankful and precious to me. As I was introduced as a promising entertainment artist, I will play fiercely to repay the expectations and support of those who watch.” “It’s big,” she said, expressing his feelings about working on an exclusive contract.

Bliss Entertainment, which Kim Seung-hye signed an exclusive contract with, includes Hong Jin-kyung, Hyun Joo-yeop, Kim Na-young, Do Kyung-wan, Hong Hyun-hee, Jason, Lee Chan-won, and Kim Hee-jae.

Photo courtesy of Bliss Entertainment
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