‘Monster’ Heo Seong-tae, first appearance today (26th)

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Actor Heo Seong-tae appears in’Monster’ for the first time.

In the third episode of the JTBC drama ‘Monster’ (director Shim Na-yeon, screenplay Kim Soo-jin, production Celltrion Entertainment, JTBC Studio) broadcast today (26th), she will be split as the chairman of the Moonju Dream Town Development Countermeasures Committee.

Heo Seong-tae exchanged meaningful stories with Gil Hae-yeon (played by Do Hae-won) and Jin-ho Choi (played by Han Ki-hwan) in the previously released highlight video of the ‘Monster’, and made them guess that he is deeply related to events in Manyang.

Heo Seong-tae said, “The ‘Monster’ was led by a story that elaborates various events and probable characters in succession,” he said. “It was also interesting to find the unpredictable ‘Criminal’ in the turbulent development.”

‘Monster’ is a high-fidelity and unpredictable story with the good performance of luxury actors including Shin Ha-gyun, Yeo Jin-gu, and Cheon Ho-jin, captivating home viewers.


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