‘Sangam Bullnax’ Ace Ahn Jung-hwan, “I will move the team” (‘Play Basketball together’)

[Reporter Jin Hyang-hee on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Ahn Jung-hwan has announced a transfer and is predicting a huge impact on the ‘Sangam Bullnax’ team.

At JTBC’s ‘Play Basketball together’, which airs at 7:40 on the evening of the 28th, a test to determine the team position of ‘Sangam Bullnax’ is being held, and Ahn Jung-hwan expresses a strong opinion on the position distribution and makes all the coaches nervous. This is being gathered.

On the day of the recording, coaches Heo Jae and Hyun Joo-yeop of ‘Sangam Bullnax’ prepare for a test to assign positions. Finally, the role is officially decided by the legends.

Previously, legends suffered from not only not having their own positions, but also lacking understanding of the role of each position. As I have confirmed my basic skills in the past games, I am curious about who will stand in what position through testing.

In a situation where the taste of the legends is full, the position is decided at the end of the awards of Heo Jae and Hyun Joo-yeop after several tests are conducted. In response to Ahn Jung-hwan’s remarks, Kim Yong-man asked, “Is there a place to go?” and he made the coaches nervous, saying that there is a place he is talking about.

Then he answered that he was good at “spicy basketball” to the question of “what are you doing well there,” and the scene became a sea of laughter by Ahn Jung-hwan’s artistic sense. It is said that director Heo Jae and coach Hyun Joo-yeop smiled brightly at the legends’ transfer rumors that were rising in the first month after the founding.

On the other hand, in the recording on this day, a passion party of legends who blossoms the desire to compete for the national team is unfolded in order to be given a position that is cherished in the heart. In particular, when Hyun Joo-yeop gave a tip to Lee Dong-guk, the only one who asked a question in the guard test, a collective backlash from legends occurred.

You can check the results of the position test, where competition was fierce as the starting lineup, and what was the full end of Lee Jeok-Hwan Ahn Jeok-seol, who heard Heo Jae and Hyun Joo-yeop, at JTBC’s ‘Play Basketball together’ at 7:40 pm on the 28th of this coming Sunday.


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