Sean, on the third day, I run 31km… Holding a donation marathon

[Reporter Yang So-young on the Daily Economy Star Today]

Singer Sean runs for the descendants of independence fighters on the occasion of the Independence Movement Day.

According to his agency YG Entertainment, Sean will hold “Vertual 3.1 Run” with Habitat Korea on March 1 to support descendants of independence fighters.

Virtual Run is a new concept of learning trend that completes a run by choosing a time and place you want without restrictions on time and place, and an Contactless running that meets “restraint in your life. Sean held the “Virtual 815 Run” to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Korea’s liberation from Japan’s colonial rule, completing 81.5 kilometers and donating 320 million won in donations to descendants of independence fighters.

Sean will challenge 31 kilometers and participants 3.1 kilometers.
Each race will be held at the desired time and place, and the participation fee will be donated to Habitat Korea to improve the residential environment of descendants of independent merit.

Runners who want to participate can walk or run 3.1 kilometers between 0:00 and midnight on March 1st, take pictures or videos of the finish and share them on SNS. Socks of the “Let’s Run, Korea” sock-up edition, Taegeukgi, Energy Bar, and Powerade will be provided as souvenirs.
In line with the meaning of the March 1 Independence Movement Day, 310 participants were recruited, with 31,000 won each, and the participation fee will be donated in full participation fee will be donated in full.

Sean said, “I hope it will be a ‘3.1 Run’ to reflect on the Independence Movement Day once again, and I hope that a positive message will be delivered to many people in difficult times. I want to run with gratitude to Yoo Gwan-soon and independence fighters for their descendants.”

Since 2017, Sean has created the Miracle365 donation run brand and donated the entire amount of money collected for participation. In addition, various donation cultures are created every year through briquette delivery volunteer activities, domestic and foreign children’s sponsorship, donations to build children’s rehabilitation hospitals, and donations of profits from photo shoots.

Photo courtesy of YG Entertainment

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