‘Ssulvival’ Go Eun-ah “Keep in touch with my ex-boyfriend…I give some advice to him for his current girlfriend”

[Intern reporter Shin Hyo-won, Daily Economy Star Today]

Actress Go Eun-ah revealed that she is keeping in touch with her ex-boyfriend in ‘Ssulvival’.

In the KBS Joy entertainment program ‘Ssulvival’, which aired on the 25th, a scene in which Go Eun-ah appeared as a special balancer and mentioned her ex-boyfriend spread.

On this day, Park Na-rae asked Go Eun-ah, “I have an official question for ‘Ssulvival’ members,” and “Are you a good choice?” Go Eun-ah said, “I tend to choose things like big things, but I’m weak in minor problems such as choosing a menu or choosing clothes,” she said.

When an additional question was asked, “How much is a big choice?”, Go Eun-ah added, “It’s like a human relationship. It’s clear that I quit and conclude. After giving my mind three chances, I will organize the relationship.”

Hwang Bo-ra asked, “What choices did you make the most in your life?” Go Eun-ah said, “I think it’s the most important thing to finish the day and decide who to have a drink with,” and “I think I’m going to find my ex-boyfriend after completing the ‘Ssulvival’.”

When asked, “Do you still meet your ex-boyfriend?” Go Eun-ah was surprised by saying, “I’m in contact” and “I don’t meet. I can contact you and consult her girlfriend.”

When Hwang Bo-ra asked, “Does your current boyfriend know this?” Go Eun-ah said, “I don’t have a boyfriend right now,” and laughed.

On the other hand, ‘Ssulvival’ is a new concept talk show that introduces various ‘ssul (real experiences)’ sent directly from viewers through the recently popular ‘Balance Game’ and picks the best legend story every week. It airs every Thursday at 8:30 pm.


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