Wonho, today (26th) mini album release

[Reporter Jeong-eun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Wonho, who has taken his first successful step as a solo artist, opens his own world once again.

Highline Entertainment will release Wonho’s first mini-album PART.2 ‘Love Synonym #2: Right for Us’ through major music sites around the world at 2 pm on the 26th.

This album is a series of series of ‘Love Synonym’, which gave a new definition of love. If the previous work was the meaning of the release as a solo artist, this time I expressed a stronger universe of Wonho.

The title song ‘Lose’ is a track representing the image of Wonho, who is both sexy and emotional, and depicts a man who has lost love overcomes trauma and is born again after facing the real me. As it is said, whispering vocals, electric bass with retro sensibility, and understated guitar sound create synergy, and despite the minimal composition, the sound is full.

In addition, the title of the future R&B song ‘Devil’ with a dreamy and mysterious atmosphere, ‘BEST SHOT’ with the theme of breaking through one’s own limits and overcoming adversity, and WENEE, the name of Wonho’s fan club, ‘WENEED’ conceived, ‘Ain’t About You’, where you can feel restrained and refined beats and grooves, and ‘FLASH’ and ‘Outro: And’, a song with an impressive step-by-step flow of emotions, contains a total of 8 tracks, enough to fully enjoy Wonho’s diverse music world.

Wonho made meaningful achievements through her solo debut album ‘Love Synonym #1: Right for Me’ last year. Wonho, who has a hard enough space to expand his music world, will be able to succeed in another leap as a multi-artist by attempting to transform not only visually but also musically.

Wonho’s first mini-album PART.2 ‘Love Synonym #2: Right for Us’ will be released through major music sites around the world at 2pm on the 26th).


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