Bae Jung-geun’s daily life after the end of Gag Concert

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Comedian Bae Jung-geun confessed that he has been working part-time in delivery since the abolition of “Gag Concert.”

In JTBC’s “Can’t Be No. 1”, which aired on the 28th, comedian juniors Kim Soo-young and Bae Jung-geun visited Kim Ji-hye and Park Joon-hyung’s house.

Kim Ji-hye asked her comedian juniors about how they have been doing since the abolition of “Gag Concert.” Kim Soo-young said, “Some people got a job at the company and some people joined a YouTube company for editing work.” She said she is working part-time at a meat restaurant.

In particular, Bae Jung-geun said, “We do personal broadcasts during the day and deliver food by motorcycle in the evening. It’s hard to do general work, and I still have a lot of lingering feelings about broadcasting.”

“The saddest thing about delivering was when I was delivering to KBS. I used to be an employee here, but now it’s weird to go to the delivery service. “I’m curious, so I look into it once in a while,” he added.

“Honestly, I don’t have enough time to cry. My wife is at a cooking center and she’s devoted to parenting,” he said.

In response, Park Mi-sun said, “In fact, the gag stage has disappeared, and there are more juniors working other jobs, and it hurts to hear such stories.” “Because of COVID-19, we can’t perform in Daehangno,” she said in tears.

Park Joon-hyung also expressed his affection, saying, “Everyone is tired, so all I can say is ‘Cheer up’ and ‘Stay strong’, but if you really cheer up and hang in there, there will be good things.”

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