Bae Sung-jae’s resignation heart… “15 years beyond words”

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Announcer Bae Seong-jae conveyed the feelings of leaving SBS.

On the 1st, Bae Sung-jae wrote on the social media on the 1st, “I can’t say 15 years of time. I sincerely thank SBS.” Along with this article, he shared a picture of his SBS employee ID and leaving with his luggage.

Bae Sung-jae joined SBS 14th public recruiting announcer in 2006 and became popular as a signboard announcer by working as a caster in big sports events such as the Olympics and World Tub.

After that, he expressed his feelings after about a month after he announced the news of his resignation.

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