‘Cultwo Show’ Kim Yu-na’s text revealed “It’s so clogged up with snow”

[Reporter Han Hyeon-jeong, Daily Economy Star Today]

Kim Yu-na sent a message to ‘Cultwo Show’ and it is a topic.

Moon Se-yoon appeared as a special DJ in SBS Power FM’s ‘Cultwo Show’ (hereinafter ‘Cultwo Show’) aired on the 1st.

DJ Kim Tae-gyun said, “Today is the third day. It is also the last day of the holiday and there is good news, and it is the day that the movie ‘Minari’ won the Golden Globe Foreign Language Film Award.”

Moon Se-yoon said, “From the first text, another celebrity sent me from a famous person.”

Moon Se-yoon introduced a message from Kim Yu-na, saying, “Kim Yu-na sent a text message saying, ‘I’m on the way from Sokcho to Seoul, but Sokcho has a lot of snow and the car is clogged up.”

Then, Moon Se-yoon said, “In Gangwon-do, the rain is now turning into snow, so heavy snow falls. The snow removal work is in full swing, so you have to be careful driving.”


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