From Gwyneth Paltrow to Ham So-won… Controversy over borderless ‘Kimchi’ [MK Issue]

Sowon Ham (left) and Guinness Paltrow. Photo I Sowon Ham and Guinness Paltrow SNS

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No matter what anyone may say, ‘Kimchi’ is now loved as a world-class food representing Korea. Recently, Chinese government media and some netizens have been at the center of the issue by coveting ‘Korean things’ such as hanbok and kimchi, while Hollywood stars have also focused their attention by mentioning kimchi.

Recently, famous American actress Gwyneth Paltrow was warned by health authorities after she said that he had overcome Covid-19 with ‘kimchi’. Earlier, popular eating YouTuber Hamji said, “Kimchi and ssam are Korean food,” and after attacking China’s Kimchi Northeast Fairness theory, the contract was terminated by a Chinese agency. She expressed ‘Pao Chai’, which means Chinese-style pickled vegetables, and went up to the Blue House national petition and was perplexed.

Guinness Paltrow. Photo| Gwyneth Paltrow SNS

◆ “Eat kimchi and recover from corona”… Gwyneth Paltrow warns British health authorities ‘misinformation’

Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow, 48, recommended kimchi and sugar-free kombucha, saying that it is good for the treatment of COVID-19, but received a warning from the National Health Service (NHS) of the UK.

The British Daily Guardian reported on the 24th an article titled “National Health Service (NHS) warns of Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Kombucha and Kimchi’ COVID-19 advice.’

According to the Guardian, Stephen Fowis, director of health care at the NHS of the UK, a member of the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea, and professor of medicine at the University of London, said, “Unfortunately, we knew that Paltrow was suffering from the effects of COVID-19. We wish her good health, but some of the solutions he recommends are not those recommended by the NHS.”

“We need to take COVID-19 seriously and take a scientific approach,” said Powes. All influencers who use social media have a duty of responsibility and attention in that respect. “False information crosses borders, mutates and evolves like a virus,” she said indirectly at Paltrow’s recommendation.

Earlier, Paltrow announced that she had regularly visited the lifestyle media GOOP, which she operates, to treat COVID-19 with fasts, herbal cocktails, and infrared saunas. She said, “I was infected in the early stages of COVID-19 (because of the aftereffects), and the feeling of fatigue persisted, and I suffered from brain fog (a condition where the stupid feeling like a fog in my head persists). , I am getting help from my eating habits, such as refraining from sugar and alcohol.”

In particular, she drew attention by emphasizing that “I found kombucha and sugar-free kimchi” while taking a vegetarian diet. Kombucha, which has recently attracted attention in Korea, is a fermented drink with a chic taste like vinegar. Black tea and green tea are fermented through a fungus called scoby (black tea mushroom), which is known to produce various beneficial ingredients including lactic acid bacteria. She also drew attention by mentioning characteristic brands and saying, “I found a really good sugar-free kimchi.” If you look at the description and photos of the kimchi brand site Paltrow said, it looks like kimchi without fish sauce.

YouTuber Hamji’s Kimchi Mukbang. Photo|Youtube capture

◆ YouTuber Hamji, believes ‘Kimchi’ even after contract termination with Chinese agency… Cheering explodes

Star Mookbang YouTuber Hamji (real name Ham Ji-hyung, 31), who has 5.7 million subscribers, said, “Kimchi and ssam are Korean food,” and was notified of the termination of the contract from the Chinese agency they were working with. Afterwards, Hamji has uploaded a video of kimchi as if they were looking forward to showing her pride in kimchi and is receiving support in one body.

On the 15th of last month, Hamji uploaded food videos such as Jukkumi Bibimbap and Baek Kimchi on her YouTube channel, and there was a comment war with Korean-Chinese netizens. It was about the video of Hamji’s wooreong ssambap and spicy jeyuk-bokkeum posted last year.

At the time, a comment was posted on the video, saying, “I was angry when I saw the video of Chinese that the ssam culture belongs to China, but I am happy to upload the video of Hamji.” In response, Hamji expressed sympathy by clicking ‘Like’. When this was shared on Chinese social media Weibo, local netizens claimed that “Hamji stole Chinese culture” and claimed a red flag.

Even after the controversy, Hamji said, “I think kimchi and ssam are of course Korean food. I think it makes no sense to be controversial over it.”

In the end, a local advertising company supporting Hamji’s activities in China notified the termination of the contract, saying, “Hamji’s insults against China will have a very serious negative impact on the public and will formally end all cooperation.”

Hamji said, “If I had to say kimchi is Chinese food in order to work in China, I would not work in China. Even Chinese people don’t have to say that Chinese food is Korean food in order to be active in Korea. I think that this part will also be understood by the Chinese,” stressing and receiving explosive support.

Afterwards, she uploaded a video titled ‘Kimjang, making kimchi’ on YouTube, saying, “The video was uploaded to the Ministry of Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Food”. This video was produced by Hamji as part of promoting Korean food with the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs in November of last year.

The number of YouTube subscribers increased from about 5.3 million before the controversy to 5.7 million.

Ham So-won posted a picture of kimchi on social media when the controversy over ‘Pao Chai’ became intensifying. Photo I Ham Sowon SNS

◆Ham So-won, ‘Kimchi = Pao Chai?’…

On the other hand, there are also people who have been at the center of criticism after remarking that kimchi is Pao Chai. This is Ham So-won.

As can be seen from the previous case, amid China’s embarrassing ambition over ‘the aid of kimchi’ recently, Ham So-won said kimchi in a live broadcast as ‘Pao Chai’, a Chinese pickled vegetable, and even put his name on the Blue House National Petition.

On the 15th, in the Blue House National Petition, an article pointing out Ham So-won’s remarks on Pao Chai was published. The author said, “While broadcaster A was on an Instagram live broadcast with a Chinese mother-in-law, there was a case where she informed Kimchi as Pao Chai and the viewers asked for correction.

The live video in question has now been deleted. However, as the people who watched this video recently posted an article pointing out the same problem in the online community, criticism increased.

The name was not mentioned directly, but when considering the initials and Chinese mother-in-law, broadcaster A was presumed to be Ham So-won, and netizens continued to express their uncomfortable feelings on Ham So-won’s SNS. So-won Ham eventually posted only one picture of kimchi, as if conscious of this, and left the hashtag ‘Kimchi’.

Netizens responded coldly, saying, “There is no sincerity for Korean actress to reflect on Kimchi by foreign stars.”

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