Gavy NJ Jenny and composer Kim Soo-bin will marry on March 13th… “Good taste” (wedding pictorial)

[Reporter Jeongeun Sung on Daily Economy Star Today]

Vocal group Gavy NJ member Jenny and composer AIMING will marry on March 13th.

Happy Merid Company released a wedding pictorial on the 1st saying, “Jenny and Kim Soo-bin are going to have a wedding in some places in Seoul on March 13th.”

In the released wedding pictorial of Jenny and Kim Soo-bin, digested a variety of styles, from the unconventional black & red concept to the elegant Hanbok. The two people, whose smiles do not leave their faces all the time, create warmth with a look that resembles the atmosphere.

Jenny and Kim Soo-bin met for the first time through musical exchanges and developed into lovers. Kim Soo-bin said, “As we worked and talked together, we thought a lot about each other’s tastes and codes.” Jenny said, “I have similar tastes in food and music with my brother, and because it’s so easy and fun to play together, I often chatted all night long. So, naturally, I think this person can be with me for a lifetime.”

In the wedding photo shoot, Gavy NJ members Gunji and Seorin, composer Kim Chang-rak, who is the representative of AIMING, and a singer who is close to Kim Soo-bin (N.Flying Seunghyup, SF9 Jooho) also made the prospective couple brighter.

Jenny said, “I usually take pictorials or jackets only for work (with the members), but when I take pictorials with the bridal shower, it makes me feel different. Something really touches my marriage, and I was grateful that the members made me stand out so much. “I was so distracted on the day of the filming that I had a memory that went home as soon as it was over.”

Kim Soo-bin also said, “The composer Kim Chang-rak is like my own brother, and I was really grateful for trying to make the shooting atmosphere fun. Also, my composer colleagues and my close singers (N.Flying Seunghyup, SF9 Jooho) also came.” It was really cool when I first saw her wearing it. It was fun to see the younger siblings playing to Jenny as a senior and a senior.”

Regarding plans and activities for the second generation after the wedding, Jenny said, “I always want to live with understanding and respect for each other. Even if there are occasional quarrels, I believe that I can overcome them wisely and wisely. And, I plan to show more good music to my fans.”

Kim Soo-bin said, “I am also faithful as a woman’s husband, and as a composer, I plan to present wonderful music to the public. After the end of COVID-19, I want to travel abroad with Jenny a lot, and I want to live happily while eating delicious food. When I go abroad, I think there will be a lot of interesting and interesting projects as a musician.”

Gavy NJ leader Jenny is a member with an attractive vocal tone and strong vocal skills, and through songs such as ‘You said you were happy’, ‘I want to break up’, ‘I came to Shinchon’, ‘Ex-girlfriend’, etc. Have been loved by people.

Kim Soo-bin is leading the producer team AIMING, which worked for MC The Max ‘Like the First Time’, ‘Four Seasons (One Day)’, N.Flying ‘Rooftop Room’, Shin Yong-jae ‘The Star is Coming’, Monday Kids ‘Go Out’, Kim Jae-hwan ‘Hello’, IZ*one ‘Love Bubble’, SF9 ‘Mamma Mia’.

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